Stranger Finds Age 11 Girl's Letter to Father in Heaven. Knows it Was Meant To Be


When Emily was 8 years old, her father passed away. She started writing letters to him in heaven, via balloon, to help with her grief.

She started sending a letter to him every year. “I would usually say like I miss him and that I love him,” Emily said.

When asked why she ties her notes to balloons, she simply answered, “Because he’s up in heaven and the balloons go up!”

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This year, she had been doing well in school and knew her father would be proud. She was excited to tell him!

In her letter, she wrote, “Dear Daddy, Guess what. I got all A’s in 6th grade and 1 B in P.E. I wish you were here to see how I was doing. I love you, talk to you next year. Love, Emily.”

Soon after, 200 miles away in Bakersfield, California, a worker in a vineyard saw something odd.

It was Emily’s note to her dad! He showed it to a woman named Veronica, who knew she needed to do something.

The sweet letter inspired her to search for the young girl who penned it. She posted pictures on social media hoping that someone would know the family.

“I would like to create angel’s gifts for her,” she typed.

A friend of Emily’s mother tagged her in the post. She couldn’t believe someone had found the letter!

Emily’s mom reached out to Veronica and told her that one of Emily’s dreams was to get horseback riding lessons. It was one of her dad’s favorite activities.

As her “angel gift” to Emily, Veronica helped cover the cost of lessons.

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The two families were able to finally met at a ranch where Emily received her lessons.

“It was meant for me to find it or see it and, ya know, make her dream come true,” Veronica said.

Emily believes her dad helped guide the letter to Veronica. She said, “I think that he definitely had something to do with it and he’s definitely looking out for me up above.”

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