Stray Kitten Spends 11 Hours in Cold, Frozen to Boat Dock. But Then Sheriff Shows Up


The winter season can be one of the best times of the year. However, it also can be one of the most dangerous times of the year for many reasons.

Falling into a frozen pond or lake is one of the most common examples. Both animals and humans have been victims of these icy incidents.

Fortunately, most stories have ended in a successful rescue by emergency responders or good Samaritans.

Well, yet another rescue story didn’t involve a frozen pond, but instead, a frozen cat found on a marina in Mercer County, Kentucky.

Resident Roy Jasper and his wife, Laurie, first noticed the stray kitty after he had fallen in freezing water.

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The Jaspers used a camera to peer at the cat, who eventually disappeared after some time.

After spending 11 hours in the cold, the stray cat reappeared.

He managed to climb up on a tiny rock, but soon froze to the boat dock.

Concerned for his safety, the Jaspers called for help. Mercer County Sheriff Ernie Kelty showed up to the scene to free the feline.

Combative and scared, the cat gave Kelty a hard time, but soon realized he was there to help.

“I poured the water on his front feet, and in a few seconds, they did come loose,” the sheriff said.

Kelty then cut loose the cat’s frozen fur. He handed him over to Roy, who in turn handed him to his wife.

“Of course, Laurie took him in and wiped him down with towels. He was solid wet,” Roy said.

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The Jaspers decided to keep the cute kitty. He now has a new home away from the cold and harsh winter weather.

And, if that didn’t make things sweet enough, the couple gave their furry friend the exact same name as his rescuer, Ernie.

Fortunately for him, he not only has a cool name but also a new lease on life.

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