Stumped: Kamala Harris Can't Name 1 Accomplishment as Senator


During the Kennedy-Nixon presidential debates in 1960, candidate Richard Nixon was asked to name his accomplishments while serving as vice president under President Dwight Eisenhower.

Floundering and sweating (the debate was televised), Nixon instead listed the number of committees on which he’d served.

This prompted his campaign strategist Murray Chotiner to remark in the control booth that next Nixon would begin saying how “many pushups he can do.”

History has now repeated itself in the form of Kamala Harris, the Democratic junior U.S. senator from California.

As reported by The Daily Caller, during a Friday interview on the “Call Your Girlfriend” podcast, Harris was given the kind of softball question politicians dream of.

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Harris was asked to name her “biggest win” as a senator.

Instead of naming one, she emulated the stumbling Nixon.

She provided listeners only with her resume:

“I’ll tell you, one of the things that I think for me is most important is the role that I serve on the various committees that I’m on, which are oversight committees, like — let’s be clear those committees exist to — to watch and question what is going on with our government, with the United States government … So I’m on Senate Intelligence. I’m on Homeland Security. I’m on Judiciary.”

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It only got worse.

“And the accomplishment then for me is a function of what I think my role should be, and often, especially in the last 18 months it has been to try and get at the truth.”

She then became even more tongue-tied.

“And so the accomplishment is — and the ‎goal is to always make sure that we are being and the system as being as transparent as possible, and that — you know, frankly that the American public has the answers, and that we’re being told the truth. And when that happens I feel a sense of accomplishment, and when it doesn’t happen I feel a sense of frustration,” she said.

Joining committees is hardly an accomplishment for senators as it goes with the job, and practically anyone in Congress can join one.

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Harris has been named as a top contender for the 2020 presidential election.

If this is the best Democrats have to offer, Republicans everywhere can safely say, “Bring it on.”

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