Suicidal Man Jumps from Building & Kills 21-Month-Old on Ground Below


Whether we like to admit it or not, other people’s actions have a great impact on our lives.

While some are good, others can cause havoc and chaos for innocent people.

It sucks that life is this way, but it’s just something humans can’t avoid. We all influence each other’s experiences, and sometimes they’re not always positive.

A freak incident involving a suicidal man and a toddler illustrated just how true this can be.

According to a report by Metro, Anna Polishchuk was just ending a New Year’s celebration with her parents in Zaporizhia, Ukraine, when tragedy struck.

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Below her parent’s apartment lived a man only identified by his last name, Yevgeny. He had decided on that fatal day to end his life, but it also cost the life of Polishchuk’s 21-month-old son.

As Polishchuk said goodbye to her family, the suicidal man jumped from the building, landing directly on the little boy. He had been outside with his father.

Once the mom made it back outside, paramedics were already working on her son, trying to save him.

A neighbor said they remember hearing a “loud thud” the moment it happened, but it was Polishchuk’s devastation that sent chills through everyone. The mom was in complete despair.

“I had to shut my windows because there was so much agonising pain in her screams,” said resident Sergey Borisov. “I just couldn’t bear hearing them.”

Emergency responders desperately worked on the dying child as everyone sent up prayers to heaven.

One paramedic even told a neighbor to “pray for the boy” as they tried to revive him.

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Sadly, the toddler died from the strength of the impact. Vitaly Reznikov, a senior paramedic, said that they tried to resuscitate his heart and lungs, but he eventually passed away inside the ambulance.

Investigators said they were searching for answers as to why Yevgeny jumped that day. “We are checking if he could have been drunk, or if there were other reasons that made him do this,” a police spokeswoman stated.

It’s sad enough that this man decided to take his own life, but even sadder that his decisions took the life of this young child.

Let’s all send a prayer of comfort to this mom and her family as they deal with this sudden loss.

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