Surveillance Cam Catches Thief Return Stolen Packages after Realizing What's Inside


We all know that feeling of anticipation for a package to arrive in the mail. You wait days and days for it to make its way into your hands.

Then, finally, you open the door and your eyes catch the sight of that beautiful — in your mind — brown box on your porch. Inside, the very item you have been waiting for.

One family, however, was cut short of that anticipation when a package was snatched from their doorstep before it could even make its way into its rightful owner’s hands.

It was just before Christmas when Brittany Hale sent packages to her parents and grandparents.

She had recently gotten married and wanted to share the memories of that day with her family in the form of a very special gift.

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Hale wanted her mother to gather the family on Christmas Eve to open the special gifts. But they never recieved the packages, thanks to a sneaky thief.

After surveillance footage was checked, the truth was found out.

In broad daylight, a thief, believed to be a woman, hid her face, grabbed both boxes off the porch of the California home, and took off.

Hale’s mom, Lori Torrisi, felt the weight of the bold burglary. “It really hurt because I felt like it was an invasion. This is our family and our private moment that I felt that someone stole from us,” she said.

Hale released the surveillance video, hoping the thief would have a change of heart. Her parents even filed a police report, but didn’t expect to ever see the gifts.

But then, on New Years Day, hope was restored. Those stolen packages were back on the doorstep.

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Looking at surveillance footage, it was clear to see that the evening before, the thief returned to the home once again. Fully covering her face in an effort not to be caught, she returned the gifts.

But what was inside these packages so dear that appears to have caused the burglar a change of heart?

It was a wedding photo and photo collages Hale had made to capture precious moments among her family on her big day.


The family was overjoyed and grateful that this thief had a change of heart. “I can’t tell her how appreciative I am that she did the right thing in the end and returned it,” Torrisi said.

What began as a burglar stealing away the joy of one family, turned into restored hope and gratitude. A family was reunited with their beloved memories and a thief’s heart grew.

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Miranda Garibaldi is a former contributor for a Liftable Media property.
Miranda Garibaldi is a former contributor for a Liftable Media property.
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