Suspect Gets Dealt a Brutal Dose of Justice After Dragging K-9 Unit Onto Property


Two carjackers were no match for an officer and his dog.

The dramatic arrest of two suspects in Pasco County, Florida was captured by a police body cam and posted to Facebook.

Like a particularly exciting episode of “Cops,” the encounter involved a high-speed chase, a dangerous car crash and even a toothy take-down by a K-9.

The incident began on a Saturday afternoon when sheriff deputy Nick Carmack pursued a stolen Ford Expedition, the Bradenton Herald reported.

After being chased down by a police SUV at speeds up to 90 mph, the driver of the stolen car crashed into a telephone pole.

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The driver, later identified as Jacob Montgomery, immediately made a run for it.

His attempted escape was seriously thwarted, thanks to the sheriff officer’s trusty K-9 sidekick, Shep.

“Carmack turned Shep loose to catch the would-be fugitive, who had vanished down a dirt path,” the Bradenton Herald reported.

After the crash, the passenger also stumbled out of the vehicle. Despite an attempt to escape, he was immediately arrested by Carmack.

After getting one man in handcuffs, Carmack ran down the path to find the other suspect and Shep.

According to the Pasco County Sheriff, Shep and Officer Carmack are quite a team.

“In all reality, Shep is Nick’s partner,” he said, according to WFLA. “They go to work together every day. They live in the same house together. Those two are very tight.”

So it’s no surprise that when Carmack found Montgomery “dragging K9 Shep further onto the property, continuing his attempt to flee,” he was furious.

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“Get off my dog, bro!” Carmack shouted angrily.

Finally, Montgomery realized the jig was up.

Within minutes of Carmack containing both men, backup arrived on the scene and they were both taken into custody.

Watch the body-cam footage below to see exactly what happened: (Warning: Explicit language.)

In the words of one Twitter user, “That’s how it’s done!”

Our hats our off to Officer Carmack and Shep — between the two of them, those thieves never stood a chance.

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