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Sweet Little Girl Tells Her Adoptive Mom About the First Time They Met in Video


Whether because of adoption, a blended family or a biological family, there’s something special about the bond between a mother or father and their children.

While kids may be kids and might not always express their gratitude for their parents, there are moments of sweetness that come through when a kid takes a moment to recognize the role their parents have played in their lives.

For many, this comes in the form of kids asking a step-parent to become their adoptive parent.

Often given as a birthday or Christmas present, adoption papers are an official step toward an unspoken agreement between parent and child.

According to WIAT, Leonard Avila had known Alessandra since he met her mother, when Alessandra was just a few months old.

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When the girl turned 8, she asked her mom to help her make it real.

It’s a big choice for a little girl to make, but it has warmed hearts across the globe.

In another adorable video that has hearts melting, a young girl talks to her mom about the first time she saw her, when both she and her sister were adopted.

“When me and Lily was born?” Gabby, just 4 years old, started. “You know how did we got born?”

“Well … well we was born and came two little babies,” she continued, holding her hands together.

“And then Lily was still a baby and I was 4 years old! I got so big and Lily was still a baby! Right?”

Gabby has clearly been told the story of her life in the most loving and honest terms, and she makes sure not to leave anyone out of her recounting — especially not her dad or her sister, Lily.

“And by the time you see her, she was 1 years old. And by the time you see me I was 4 years old!”

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“And we was very excited to meet you and our daddy. And we love you guys and we want to be here for you and daddy.”

“And I was very excited to meet you too,” her mom responded.

“And Lily?” Gabby checked.

“And Lily.”

But she wasn’t done yet — she still had more to explain to her mom.

“Do you know what happened to my heart?” she asked. “Well, when the first time I saw you my heart fall in love with you!”

“Your heart fell in love with me?” her mom said. “Aww, my heart fell in love with you too.”

Many viewers have also found their hearts falling in love with this adorable little girl and her tale.

They point out how genuine she seems, how careful she is to include her sister, and how the love shines in her eyes when she speaks to her mom.

This family is certainly doing something right, and it’s clear that adoption was a wonderful choice for all of them.

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