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Sweet Puppy Tries Hiding Behind Couch From Vacuum, Won't Even Look at It


Dogs are wonderful household pets, but the truth of the matter is that they don’t exactly clean up after themselves.

There are a few breeds of dogs that shed less, but to some degree, all dogs shed.

That means you’re the one who has to clean up after them. Whether that’s with a broom or a vacuum, you’ve got to use something to pick up the flurries of hair.

As if requiring you to clean up after them isn’t enough, some dogs have the audacity to attack your cleaning implements.

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Even the most friendly dog in the world can turn into a furry demon with snapping jaws when the vacuum cleaner roars to life.

For some reason, there are some dogs out there who have uncontrollable rage that only vacuum cleaners seem to bring out of them.

That’s only one reaction, of course. Some dogs don’t care at all, and you could use the hose attachment to vacuum their coats if you wanted.

Still, other dogs are a little more cautious. As soon as the vacuum gets rolled out of its closet or into the room, they hide.

This precious golden retriever is in the latter category. The poor dear is not a fan of chore time, and whenever the vacuum gets near, he hides.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the puppy is terrified or in danger of panicking, but he clearly does not like the company of the cleaner.

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So he found a safe spot to wait out the storm. He hid behind the couch, like a kid when you ask them to clean their room.

The owner noticed and started filming the little blond pup. He tucked his head into the couch so he wouldn’t have to look at the vacuum cleaner.

She turned off the vacuum and called to him, and he peeked at her, almost as if to make sure the cleaner wouldn’t come back. With a little loving reassurance, this fellow will be used to the scary sounds in no time!

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