Taliban Fighters Rejoice After Creating Sickening New "Device" to Hide Bombs


If stoning women to death for being rape victims, or caning small children for flying kites equates to learning, then the Taliban just moved up to grad school. They’re now hiding explosives in the clothing of infants, thus using newborns as de facto suicide bombers.

Obviously not satisfied with standard IEDs burrowed into the carcasses of dead, rotting goats or in heaps of rotting garbage (both tactics used in hopes of allied troops skipping out on inspecting the festering and rather odoriferous funk associated with decaying flesh) the Taliban is now using bomb-laden babies as their latest weapon.

As reporter Mark Hodge of London’s The Sun notes, “Depraved Taliban fighters used a four-month-old baby to hide a bomb which they intended to use in a sick terror attack. Four men and one woman were arrested while making their way to the Afghan city of Kunduz after the explosive was found in the child’s clothing.”

“The bomb was ‘carefully hidden on the body of the infant,'” reports The Kabul Times.

Sowita Abulrahizai, the deputy chief of the Independent Human Rights Commission of Afghanistan, slammed the militants and said that using kids to carry out such attacks is forbidden in Islam.

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“Using children in armed conflicts is the most brutal and vicious act in the society, because such acts are categorically banned by the Islamic shari’a and enforced laws of the country,” Abulrahizai continued.

While the latest atrocity from the Afghanistan-based terrorists hasn’t generated much of a blip on the American news radar, the British are taking the lead on telling the world of this blatant disregard of innocent human life.

Other than The Sun, England’s The Daily Mail is also prominently reporting this base savagery. “The arrests came as it emerged that as many as six children were killed in fighting near the central Afghan city of Ghazni on Friday.”

President Donald Trump has unleashed his Secretary of Defense and Marine Corps living legend, better known as Gen. James “Chaos” Mattis, his marching orders to send the Taliban straight to hell.

Should Sec. Mattis stick with his more aggressive rules of engagement?

The retired four-star has even managed to instill the warrior spirit in the Air Force.

By the way, Gen. Mattis reportedly isn’t all that fond of the nom de guerre “Mad Dog,” preferring his old Marine Corps radio call sign “Chaos.” Marine lore tells that besides the obvious state of mind Mattis causes among the enemy, he also chose midway in his career to adopt the initials C.H.A.O.S. (Colonel Has Another Outstanding Solution).

But with the Marine Corps sea stories aside, while the Air Force is ostensibly putting their golf games on hold, USAF Brig. Gen. Lance Bunch recently announced that “the gloves are off” when it comes to death from 20,000 feet — which the boys in blue have done in smashingly good fashion.

In another disturbing example of the acts of depravity the unholy trinity of the Taliban, Islamic State and Al Qaeda will sink to, the New York Post reported back in 2009 the tale of Abdullah Asieri, dubbed “the butt-bomber.” But in all fairness, he’s also popularly known as “the ‘ass’assin.”

As the Post described, “A suicide bomber recently put himself next to a member of the Saudi royal family, having outwitted bomb-detection machines in the palace, to set off an explosion using a charge that had been hidden in his rectum. The ass-assin, Abdullah Asieri, stashed a pound of explosives and a detonator inside his body in the attack on Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef, head of counterterrorism for the kingdom, the Arab TV network Al Arabiya reported. Bin Nayef was only slightly wounded in the attempt. The explosion, possibly detonated by a cellphone, killed the bomber.”

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On a sobering note, The Post added, “The technique has astonished security experts, who warn that the United States isn’t equipped to prevent the gross new form of terrorism — and worry such bombers could make it aboard aircraft and blow themselves up mid-flight. ‘Standard airport security is not going to detect that,’ said terror expert Steve Emerson. “You need a much more intrusive type of X-ray machine that can actually see inside body cavities.'”

Now comes the hard question: how soon before Taliban operatives try inserting explosives into children in the United States?

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