Tax-Obsessed Democrats Have Nothing Substantive To Offer


Still reeling from the anti-climactic Mueller report, the “Resistance” is jumping back on its favorite hobby horse: President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

This Wednesday marked the House Democrats’ deadline for the Internal Revenue Service to turn over six years of Trump’s personal and business tax returns to House Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal (D-MA). That deadline came and went, and anti-Trumpers are no closer to exploiting those tax returns for political gain.

While Democrats like Neal may justify their hatred for Trump as “ensuring accountability,” the tax return nothing-burger is just the latest in a long list of manufactured scandals. In the words of Republican Rep. Tom Reed of New York: “The Democratic chairman of the Ways and Means Committee is going down a political path of weaponizing the tax code for political purposes.”

Of course, the left-leaning mainstream media is happily jumping on the Democratic bandwagon. On a daily basis, CNN churns out “news stories” highlighting the importance of Trump releasing his tax returns. After Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin came to Trump’s defense at a recent committee hearing, one CNN “analysis” concluded with this doozy: “Mnuchin either isn’t familiar with the whole checks-and-balances thing — or thinks it doesn’t apply to him. Either way, that’s troubling.”

Such objectivity! The opinion pages, meanwhile, are flooded with liberal virtue-signaling, painting Trump as some sinister dictator who doesn’t care about the American people. Newsflash: He didn’t release them in 2016, and still won convincingly. Most Americans don’t care about Trump’s tax returns. They didn’t care then, and they care less now.

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Americans care about economic growth, job creation, border security and a range of real issues that Trump has prioritized for years. As he recently put it, “The only one that cares about my tax returns are the reporters.”

Yes, and the Democrats who refuse to let them go. The writing’s on the wall: Anti-Trumpers care because they have nothing substantive to offer, by way of actual solutions. Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” — projected to cost more than $90 trillion over a decade — is so ridiculous that the Senate recently rejected the proposal on a 57-to-0 vote. Even four Senate Democrats saw the light and voiced their objections.

What’s left? Railing against climate change? Stripping our military of vital funding? Embracing illegal immigrants?

Democrats are more interested in sticking it to Trump than offering real, lasting solutions to America’s problems. As soon as they assumed power, House Democrats turned their attention to repealing Trump’s historic tax cuts, which made the U.S. economy more competitive and benefited millions of working Americans. At the same time, open-border Democrats still refuse to fund the border wall, choosing instead to ignore the national emergency that has brought millions of illegal immigrants to our country.

Indeed, 55 percent of Democratic voters care more about nominating a candidate to defeat Trump than the ideology of that candidate. The “Resistance” is so obsessed with resisting that proactive policymaking has become an afterthought. As long as “anti-Trump” is on the resume, that’s enough for Democrats.

Ask them about public policy, and they reply with the same, old policy prescriptions. Nearly 90 percent of Democrats support tax hikes on the wealthy, while an overwhelming majority believe in Medicare-for-All and free higher education.

That’s right: Tax the rich! Socialized medicare! Government hand-outs! If socialism is really the left’s best idea, chalk that up as a win for President Trump and Republicans nationwide.

One party is making America great again. The other is peddling faux-scandals and failed ideas. As 2020 approaches, the right choice is a no-brainer.

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