Teen Screams 'Don't Let Me Die,' Pharmacist Knew Exactly What To Do To Save His Life


It’s something you hope never happens while you’re traveling, especially when you’re traveling overseas: a medical emergency.

Luckily for an American mom and her 17-year-old son, a Dublin pharmacist knew exactly what to do in order to save the teen’s life.

The tourists were walking on Dublin’s iconic O’Connell street on the evening of April 15, 2018, when he began having an allergic reaction.

The teen was extremely allergic to nuts and unknowingly ate a brownie that contained them. It was getting difficult for him to breathe and his neck was beginning to swell.

His mother frantically ran into the nearest open pharmacy to seek help. Her son stayed outside because he wanted as much fresh air as possible.

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Diana Truta, the Hickey’s pharmacist, could see that the mother was extremely concerned so she asked to see the young teen.

A witness said the boy was panicked and kept reaching for his swollen neck. He was also repeatedly screaming, “Don’t let me die! Don’t let me die!”

As Truta examined the boy, she determined he was going into anaphylactic shock. “An asthma attack or a panic attack can produce similar symptoms but once you see swelling along with the other symptoms mentioned you can tell it’s anaphylaxis,” she said.

Other staff cleared the store while the manager called emergency services.

Truta knew that time was of the essence so she asked permission to administer epinephrine.

After injecting the medicine to the teen’s outer thigh, she talked to paramedics who were on their way.

When they arrived, the teen’s symptoms had subsided so they gave him oxygen and went on their way.

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The mother and teen were shaken up, but they were able to leave the pharmacy healthy, thanks to Truta’s quick and accurate actions.

A witness said that Truta stayed extremely calm even though everyone was not.

“I’m glad I was able to help this young man and I’m glad he’s doing well, that’s the most important thing,” Truta said. “I’m at the beginning of my career, but I am glad I could make a small difference.”

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