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Teen Throws Puppy Down Steps, Beats Her With Flashlight. Then Rescuers See Her Ears


Chewed shows. Piddling. Torn tissue shreds everywhere. Whining.

It’s a good thing puppies are so darn cute because there’s definitely a learning curve.

They’re just a baby dog, trying to figure out life, and there will definitely be messes and mayhem along the way.

People getting dogs — and especially puppies — have to have an extra dose of patience to be able to handle the training period.

But even when your pup does do something bad, it’s the mark of true character to deal with the situation in measure and with grace. The poor little thing doesn’t know any better.

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One puppy going through this learning curve was shown rage instead of kindness when she peed in her owner’s bedroom.

If he’d been a reasonable person, he would’ve dealt with the situation by perhaps briefly scolding her (if it was recently enough that she’d understand what it was for), putting her outside, and cleaning up the mess.

But this 19-year-old, Stephen Collins, lost it. He flew into a fit of rage, threw her down a flight of stairs, and began beating her with a flashlight.

Her wounds were numerous. To her credit, when Collins’ mom found out what he’d done, she threw him out and turned to a rescue called Joseph’s Legacy.

At the vet’s they found out just how severe her wounds were. She had a broken pelvis and both legs were broken, and she had numerous burn marks on her adorable oversized ears, perhaps from cigarettes.

Surgery does not come cheap, though, and so the rescue reached out, asking for donations to cover the $3500 procedure for the pup, who they nicknamed Vally girl (from Valhalla).

Their YouCaring page ended up gathering almost $6,000 for the Labrador mix, and she was well on her way to recovery — with much kinder people to care for her.

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Collins has since been charged with cruelty to companion animals. Fortunately that’s a felony, and it doesn’t look like his actions have gone unnoticed.

If someone can do something that cruel to a helpless puppy, a creature that is so innocent and the pinnacle of cuteness, they may need some serious help.

Thanks to caring parents, a wonderful rescue group, and generous donors, Valhalla was announced as ready for adoption last Saturday.

She’s still young and has a bit of learning to do, but with the care she’s received we know she’ll be put in much more capable, loving hands.

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