Texas Border Patrol Agents Apprehend 3 Convicted Child Sex Offenders in 2 Days


Border Patrol agents are discovering firsthand that not all migrants are the innocent asylum seekers the left tries to portray them as — in fact, some are the exact opposite.

According to a Thursday news release from Customs and Border Protection, Border Patrol agents in three southern Texas cities arrested three convicted sexual predators in just two days.

The first was reportedly arrested Tuesday in Brownsville, Texas, while traveling with a group of eight other illegal aliens.

The sex predator, a Honduran national, was found during processing to have a conviction for “criminal sex conduct with a victim under 13 years old” in Watonwan County, Minnesota.

The second was arrested on Wednesday near Hidalgo, Texas, when a group of 15 illegal immigrants was stopped by Border Patrol agents.

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During processing, it was discovered that Juan Carlos Godoy-Velasquez, another Honduran national, had previously been charged with “aggravated sexual battery of a victim less than 13 years old” in Virginia.

Thankfully, Godoy-Velasquez was sentenced to five years confinement. If not for the intervention of Border Patrol, two minors in the group may have been harmed.

The same day, Border Patrol agents apprehended a group of 15 illegal aliens — including another minor — near Roma, Texas. Among them was a Salvadoran national with a prior charge for “aggravated child molestation” in Georgia.

Thanks to Border Patrol, that predator was also convicted and sentenced to five years confinement.

Do you think these arrests will affect the Biden administration's neglect of the border?

News releases like this one are quite common for CBP.

In fact, this was the second one this week. According to a Monday news release, Border Patrol agents arrested three convicted sex predators between April 9 and 10.

Border Patrol agents are obviously very capable of protecting Americans from the threats posed by illegal immigration.

However, President Joe Biden’s negligence at the southern border will almost certainly lead to more criminals entering the country, and his administration appears determined to hamstring authorities’ efforts to keep us safe.

Biden’s Jan. 20 executive order revoking emergency status at the border was just the first in a series of directives from the Biden administration seemingly aimed at curbing the power of law enforcement.

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In February, Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced “interim operating guidance” for personnel to follow until the administration established a more permanent set of rules. Those “interim” rules have had a significant impact on the ability of law enforcement to enforce the law.

The guidelines force agents to climb their respective chains of command and obtain pre-approval to arrest any migrants who don’t present “threats to national security, border security and public safety.”

ICE painted the move as an effort to protect America’s border from only the most extreme threats. In reality, it only serves to let more criminals slip through, according to former ICE director Tom Homan.

The Biden administration has had one consistent message on illegal immigration throughout its nearly three-month reign: “We do not care.”

If Biden were concerned about the border, he almost certainly would’ve signed executive orders to combat the migration crisis. After all, he hasn’t hesitated to issue orders left and right on a wide range of other issues.

Unfortunately, all the president seems to care about is progressive optics, meaning the American people are once again put last.

The presence of the illegal immigrants arrested in the past two weeks cannot be blamed directly on Biden — at least two of them were already in the country when he took office.

Regardless, these sexual predators are a perfect representation of the dangers posed by his border crisis. All that can be hoped for is that someone within his administration takes charge of the situation soon.

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Jack Cowhick was a contributor for The Western Journal. He is a student in the DFW metroplex in Texas. He is a contributor at Lone Conservative.
Jack Cowhick was a contributor for The Western Journal. He is a student in the DFW metroplex in Texas. He is a contributor at Lone Conservative.