Texas Farmer Shocked When Finding Migrant Girls Abandoned, Immediately Calls Border Patrol


A farmer in Texas contacted Border Patrol when he discovered five unaccompanied migrant children on his property, adding another disturbing anecdote to the border crisis.

The girls reportedly ranging from 11 months to 7 years old were seen by the farmer suffering in the hot weather in Quemado, Texas.

He then provided the unaccompanied minors with food and shelter before federal officials arrived, as there was serious concern about their circumstances and overall wellbeing.

“It is heartbreaking to find such small children fending for themselves in the middle of nowhere,” Chief Border Patrol Agent Austin Skero II said, according to KABC-TV.

“Unfortunately this happens far too often now. If not for our community and law enforcement partners, these little girls could have faced the more than 100-degree temperatures with no help.”

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The incident caught the attention of Republican Texas Rep. Tony Gonzales, who shared a photo of the girls to emphasize the severity of the border crisis.

“Take a good hard look at the #BidenBorderCrisis These young girls were found outside a ranch near Quemado, Texas in #TX23. The Del Rio Sector border patrol tell me they are uninjured, healthy, and in good spirits. @POTUS enough is enough let’s work together solve this crisis,” the congressman tweeted.

In a subsequent video, Gonzales spoke with the farmer and his family to reflect upon the horrific situation.

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“All of a sudden I see … five little baby girls. All by themselves — hungry, crying, one didn’t have any clothes on. Crawling, one wasn’t even old enough to walk, crawling around,” the farmer said.

“So I immediately called Border Patrol — they’re probably snowed under, don’t have enough help either. So I waited for a while, then I called one of my workers to come to the house and get his wife and bring some food and water,” he added.

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Moments like these are devastating and should make a person feel nothing but sympathy for these children.

A baby does not get to decide whether or not they want to come to the United States, and neither do 7-year-olds.

A jaw-dropping 13,962 unaccompanied minors came across the southern border in April alone, yet that is somehow a 12 percent decrease from the staggering 15,918 that came across in March, Fox News reported.

These numbers, paired with the stories we continue to hear from farmers and ranchers near the border, create an abhorrent cocktail of bureaucratic nonsense and sluggish leadership.

It is absolutely unacceptable, but the Biden administration’s complacency carries on.

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