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Tiny Kitten Wedged Between Concrete Blocks on Busy Overpass Rescued by Good Samaritan

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We often hear stories about cats stuck in trees, but it’s rare to discover a live feline trapped on a busy road!

Rob Acuña Jr. certainly wasn’t expecting to find a kitten on his commute from work, and almost believed he hadn’t.

His glance out the window was so brief that he was convinced he’d only imagined a pair of tiny eyes looking back at him on an overpass in Houston.

“I noticed a little bump on the freeway wall that just happened to look like a little face as I drove by,” Acuña told The Dodo. “I honestly thought I was seeing things since it had been a long day and was so tired.”

However, the mental image bothered him as he continued driving. He convinced himself to double back to ensure he hadn’t actually seen a living creature on the overpass.

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Acuña drove along the freeway slowly with his hazard lights on and braked when he spotted a bundle of fur.

Sure enough, a kitten was trapped between two slabs of concrete lining the freeway, where she may have been abandoned. She appeared frightened, moving to jump off the overpass as Acuña approached. He caught her just in time.

Watch as Acuña manages to rescue the kitten before it’s too late:

“I knew I only had seconds to react,” he said. “The entire time I was in complete disbelief! If I had not caught it on camera, I would not believe that it even happened!”

“I am just in shock right now!” he posted on Facebook. “SO happy he/she did not jump over the ledge (about 20ft-30ft drop) !”

Acuña brought the kitten home to his family, where she was bathed and named Pepper. They are currently fostering her until she is cleared for adoption through Southern Comfort Animal Rescue.

The family is familiar to the fostering process and loves caring for their furry friends. Acuña has even helped rescue other animals, including a dog that had been hit by a car.

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Since Acuña saved Pepper from the busy overpass, the kitten seems to be thriving in her new home.

“She is doing fantastic!” Acuña Jr. said. “After a few days of being able to decompress and relax, she is starting to come out of her shell and really show the world how feisty and precious she is. It is so hard to believe she was ever in that situation to begin with.”

According to a recent post from Acuña, a check-up at the vet revealed that Pepper is in great health and likely about 10 weeks old.

Since Acuña’s rescue video went viral on Facebook, he has received multiple offers to adopt Pepper.

“We absolutely love Pepper and know that if we do not keep her, we will find her the best home possible through a rescue,” he said. “What we really want others to know (since I have received thousands of messages asking if someone can adopt her) is that there are so many more strays in need! Just because they do not have a dramatic video to go along with them, does not mean they do not deserve the same love and attention.”

Thanks to a timely glance out the window and Acuña’s quick and compassionate actions, Pepper will certainly enjoy a lifetime of love and care.

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