Tiny Pup Abandoned in Starbucks Parking Lot, So Clever Rescuers Name Him 'Bean'

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It takes a special kind of person to be a full-time animal rescuer. Most of us who love animals have done our part from time to time, helping house or rehome lost or unwanted pets we come across in our daily lives, but few of us make it our life’s work to seek out these cases.

Eldad Hagar with Hope for Paws is one of those people, dedicating his time to dealing with the most difficult and dangerous rescue cases. Dogs and cats are definitely the most common critters Eldad deals with, but occasionally he helps out others, too.

The Hope for Paws website gives a brief history of how he got started, and why he began specializing in these high-risk rescues.

“For eight years, Eldad volunteered with other rescue organizations in the Los Angeles area,” the page states.

“Because he gravitated towards the most challenging rescues, often saving animals with the most pressing and complex medical conditions, rescue organizations need thousands of dollars to care for the new animals.”

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“At one point, Eldad started to feel like a burden on the main organization where he was volunteering and decided it was time to be responsible for his own fundraising. Eldad spent a few hours thinking about a name for the new rescue organization, and came up with Hope For Paws.”

Hope for Paws has become something of an internet sensation, as Eldad makes a point of filming his operations so that people can “ride along” and see what he sees. He has an avid following now, with over 3 million subscribers on YouTube.

While many of the dogs Eldad captures are terrified of humans and take a great deal of coaxing, this little guy was fairly amiable considering what he’d experienced.

This video was posted to YouTube on Jan. 4, with the caption “Luckily for little Bean, one of the employees knew our rescue videos (and she called me in the past about a dog) and knew to call Hope For Paws.”

Do you have a rescue animal?

The dog, which looks to be a chihuahua and/or dachshund mix, had been abandoned at a Starbucks in California. Fortunately, an employee knew of Hope for Paws and called to let them know about the little tan dog that had been wandering around the parking lot.

The Starbucks was next to what looks like a busy street, so it’s a miracle that the little fellow knew to stay close to Starbucks, begging for food from patrons and staying out of harm’s way.

When Eldad appeared on the scene it was dark, but the pup trotted willingly out of the bushes when he was called. He was happy to get some food, and let himself be picked up and put in the car, nervous but not terrified.


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After a bath and microchip check, the dog was settling in nicely and was put up for adoption. Eldad had run an informal poll on Instagram, asking for name suggestions, and “Bean” was chosen, considering where he’d been found.

Bean was taken in by a foster parent and is safely off the streets.

Now Bean is looking for his forever home. With his cute personality and playfulness, he’s sure to find a home in no time.

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