Toddler Makes Sure To Hug Every Single Stranger After Being Told It's Time To Go Bye-Bye

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If you were blessed to be a member of a church-going family in your younger years, the “We’re leaving now” conundrum is familiar to you.

Mom or dad would state “We’re leaving now,” which meant essentially everything except that you would be leaving now. In fact, it generally meant It Will Be At Least 15 Minutes Before We Leave.

Once you picked up on this, you generally didn’t hurry to the car — but if you weren’t in the car when mom or dad finally got there and they had to go looking for your absent self, it would be a good half an hour before everyone was corralled into the car.

Or sometimes if they were driving separately, they would leave you at church because they would assume the other parent remembered to corral you. It happens. Trust me.

This little kiddo seems to have the same art of a long good-bye down pat. Nick Sasfy, the proud papa, recently posted a video of his son Jude giving his heartwarming farewells to… well, to everyone.

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It looks like they’re at some sort of music in the park shindig. People are sitting around on blankets and in chairs, relaxing and listening to a band.

“Once we told Jude it’s time to go bye bye, He gave every stranger a hug,” Sasfy wrote. Since he posted it on November 3, over 54,000 people have reacted to it, and it’s had nearly 150,000 shares.

A lot of kids are hesitant to dole out hugs so freely, and would rather hide behind a parent and avoid eye contact, but not Jude. Jude doesn’t seem shy in the slightest.

He moseys up to the unsuspecting victims and wraps his arms around however much of them he can, embracing backs and shoulders and sides and legs in his pursuit of Hugging Everyone.

Well — almost everyone. One poor guy gets the cold shoulder, but it could just be because Jude had already locked on to his new target, arms wide and ready to embrace, and wouldn’t be shaken from his mission.

Mom follows along behind him, keeping an eye on him and offering a smile and an explanation as her son toddles around serving up good vibes.

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He encounters some minor setbacks, including nearly tripping on a blanket because he’s so focused on getting to the next recipient, but he keeps powering on.

In general, people were surprised but elated to get the ambush hugs, and Jude definitely brought smiles to people’s faces.

Whether this video shows sheer gregariousness or expert stalling techniques, the little fellow has stolen the hearts of those in the video as well as countless others who have had the joy of viewing it.

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