Total Domination: 750 People Show Up for Obama's Rally; 10,000 Show Up at Trump's


Former President Barack Obama has not aged well, and the left seems to be in denial despite the evidence staring them in the face.

This isn’t meant as a slight against Obama personally, although the once-powerful man is increasingly grey and tired-looking these days. That can be overlooked since few presidents hold their youth after the stresses of the office.

The part of the 44th president that has aged the worst is actually his star power.

Just 10 years ago, supporters literally wept when Obama took the stage, and famous campaign posters promising “HOPE” and “CHANGE” seemed to be everywhere.

Obama has “changed” all right, and not in a good way for his party. A decade after energizing the left and packing auditoriums everywhere he went, America’s first black president is struggling to resonate with even a handful of people at a time.

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In a word, he’s become dull — and the man who replaced him in the Oval Office is stealing his thunder left and right.

Call it a tale of two rallies. During a Democratic campaign event in Anaheim, California on Saturday, Obama’s appearance attracted fewer than 1,000 people.

“About 750 people attended the event” on Saturday, according to left-leaning Think Progress. “Obama delivered a short speech centered on unity and the ‘politics of hope.'”

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A crowd of 750 is simply a dismal number. The arena at the convention center has a capacity of 7,500 people, which means that 90 percent of seats sat empty as the previous president tried desperately to draw a crowd.

It was a different story at President Donald Trump’s rally on Thursday in Billings, Montana. While Obama could only muster hundreds of supporters, Trump drew thousands — 10,000 to be exact, according to several reports from The Great Falls Tribune.

That was almost the full capacity of the Rimrock Auto Arena, where the campaign stop was held. That arena can hold 12,000 people, which means that over 83 percent of its seats were filled.

People were so eager to see the president speak that they began lining up to enter the arena while it was still dark outside, many hours before the doors opened.

“I’m energized by this president,” Montana resident Joe Parratore told the local newspaper, summarizing the sentiment of the crowd. “It’s going to be a blast.”

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“This president is completely different than all presidents before,” Parratore explained. “He energizes people around him and he is listening. He’s hitting every major topic that bothers a person in America.”

If the contrast between Obama’s dwindling supporters and Trump’s massive crowd is any sign, Democrats may be in for some surprises in November. Of course, big rallies don’t win elections unless supporters actually turn up at the polls — and that’s a reality that liberals know as well as conservatives.

“[We have to] get the vote out. Huge,” Obama rally-goer Callae Walcott told ThinkProgress. “The midterms are so important and it’s important to fire up and take every action possible to support the candidates running.”

She’s exactly right. Actually showing up on election day this November is what will make the difference … and that goes for conservatives as well.

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