Out-of-Touch Jimmy Fallon Asks Why America Needs Debates After Biden's 'Diversity' Blunder

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In the age of Trump, late-night talk shows have abruptly transitioned from irreverent banter and interviews to something explicitly more political.

For instance, during an Aug. 6 segment on NBC’s “The Tonight Show” featuring rote political banter, host Jimmy Fallon questioned whether President Donald Trump and his opponent, Democratic nominee Joe Biden, should debate at all ahead of November’s election.

The segment is just another example of the left attempting to cover up Biden’s gaffes by pushing for no debates.

“Oh my God, we’re debating about the debates? They haven’t even started, I’m already exhausted,” Fallon said. “At this point, who even needs debates?”

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“Who is undecided? Who is tuning in, like, ‘I want to see what this Donald Trump guy is all about. Then I’ll make my mind up. I need at least three debates,'” Fallon said.

It’s also unfortunate that Fallon thinks mocking Trump for mispronouncing “Thailand” (which he made sure to do later in the segment) is more important than a major Biden blunder where the former vice president claimed in an interview published earlier that same day that the Latino community is more diverse than the African-American community:

Biden’s questionable statement regarding ethnicity is nothing new, of course. (His claim from May that if you don’t vote for him then “you ain’t black” will likely never be forgotten.)

Yet instead of hitting Biden over his “diversity” gaffe, Fallon mocked Trump over a mere mispronunciation, and suggested there was no point in even having presidential debates.

The segment shows that the desire to keep the two candidates from debating head on continues to be a dream of those who fear and know that Biden stands no chance.

His miscalculations, like claiming millions of Americans have died from the coronavirus, gaffes and constant forgetfulness should be discussed if Democrats want the presidential election process to be taken seriously.

But the left wants to ignore it all.

They want to ignore the time Biden forgot the name of former President Barack Obama — the man he served under as vice president for eight years.

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They want to ignore the time in February when Biden asked South Carolina Democratic primary voters to support his Senate candidacy.

The list goes on and on.

Do you think President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden should debate?

At the very least, Trump should have the opportunity to debate Biden in a one-on-one setting and prove to tens of millions of Americans watching on television why he is more capable of leading this country.

But as Fallon’s segment proved, Democrats and the media don’t want that.

They want to keep mocking Trump, ignoring Biden’s mistakes and pushing for the debates to be canceled so that Biden doesn’t have to face Trump.

Biden’s mental acuity is certainly a fair topic of discussion given the importance of the role he so desperately wants.

But the left doesn’t want to talk about it.

They want to keep Biden hidden from public view, which explains why we’ve seen so many calls for the debates to be canceled.

However, if leftists like Fallon deem it so important to mock Trump for mispronouncing words, shouldn’t they be in support of Biden debating the president?

Maybe Fallon should give equal representation to the slips Biden makes. Of course, covering them all could take “The Tonight Show” right through the debates and into the November election.

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