Tow Truck Driver Pulls Over, Grabs Woman Trying to Jump Highway Overpass & End Life


It was just an ordinary day for one tow truck driver in Toronto. What happened that day, however, was anything but ordinary.

Dino Juiakumar is a tow truck driver who routinely travels Highway 401.

Early one January morning, he came across something odd.

It was a woman on the overpass. She was lying,”with her head down,” on the side of the busy road.

Considering the bitter cold temperatures, Juiakumar knew something was wrong. He immediately stopped his truck to investigate.

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As he approached the woman, he could see that she was crying. Then, the tearful woman said something shocking.

The unnamed woman then told Juiakumar that she was going to end her life. Juiakumar knew he had to call for help.

Intending to call 911, he reached for his phone.

As soon as she saw his motion, however, the woman ran to the edge of the overpass and attempted to go over.

Knowing he did not have a moment to spare, Juiakumar acted quickly.

As CTV News reported, he immediately “threw his phone to the ground, grabbed the woman in a tight bear hug and started moving her away from the overpass.”

Thanks to his quick thinking and brave response, the woman couldn’t jump over the overpass.

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He later learned that she had some legal issues that precipitated her actions, but thankfully he prevented a temporary problem from becoming a permanent one.

“I was holding her and she was pushing my jacket and kept saying she wanted to jump, that she seriously wants to go, so I kept holding her really tight. I told her it’s not going to happen, I’m here, and it’s not going to happen,” Juiakumar told CTV News.

For his part, Juiakumar is happy he was there in her moment of need.

As he told CTV News, “You know, life isn’t easy. I helped save a life and I feel happy (that I could).”

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