Trey Gowdy Calls out Democrat by Name: Where's That Russia Evidence?


House Intelligence Committee ranking member Adam Schiff has come under fire from South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy on accusations that the California Democrat is prejudging special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe before it even has a chance to truly begin.

Schiff recently claimed to have seen “more than circumstantial evidence” regarding collusion between the Trump presidential campaign and Russia in addition to circumstantial evidence that he deemed was worthy of an investigation.

However, during a conversation on “Sunday Morning Futures” with host Maria Bartiromo, Gowdy — a member of the intelligence committee — called out the California Democrat with a few statements of his own.

As noted by BizPac Review, Gowdy was quick to highlight how the comments made by Schiff came even before a witness has been called to testify in the case, while also noting that Schiff is only seeing what he wants to see, rather than the possible truth.

“Some of my Democratic colleagues, namely Adam Schiff, said he had evidence, more than circumstantial evidence of collusion, before the investigation even began,” Gowdy said.

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“So … keep that in mind,” he added. “The ranking Democrat on the House Intel Committee had evidence of collusion before we interviewed our first witness.”

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Gowdy also suggested that something within Congress is amiss when dozens of Democrats are lining up to impeach the current president without any evidence officially being put forward from Mueller’ and his team.

“Almost 60 Democrats voted to move forward with impeachment. Already,” Gowdy told Bartiromo. “Before Bob Mueller’s released a single finding.”

Gowdy emphasized his surprise that Democrats in Congress are not more curious about certain decisions some of America’s top prosecutors and its chief law enforcement agency (the FBI), have made, suggesting that much of the ridicule and questioning is focused solely on Trump.

However, Gowdy also insisted that Mueller will make the proper decision after everything is said and done regarding the case.

“I would tell your viewers wait till Bob Mueller’s investigation,” Gowdy said. “People in the House seem to have already made up their minds and they’re just going in search of evidence that validates what they already believe.”

And the investigation, Gowdy said, still has numerous witnesses to interview.

Bartiromo couldn’t help but acknowledge her disdain on behalf of many in Congress who Gowdy called out as already having made their decision based on bias rather than fact, admitting it was “infuriating.”

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“Well, it’s only infuriating if you have high expectations,” Gowdy replied. “I do have confidence in Bob Mueller to reach the right decision and interview the right people, and hopefully the American people can have confidence.”

“But you can’t have confidence in an investigation where the ranking Democrat prejudges it before you’ve interviewed your very first witness.”

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