Trump Asks for Solution to Social Media Suppression, Herman Cain Knows 'Feedme Is the Solution'


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“Empowering human intelligence versus perfecting artificial intelligence.”

That’s the ultimate choice that former presidential candidate Herman Cain underlined in his presentation on the new Feedme app in front of a packed crowd at FreedomFest earlier this month in Las Vegas.

Frankly, it should be a no-brainer.

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Sure, in a perfect world, fair-minded and impartial humans would program artificial intelligence to be the same.

But it’s not a perfect world. And “fair-minded and impartial” might be the last two words used to describe the tech titans and liberal media who wield so much power and influence.

So what are people to do when they’re sick and tired of biased artificial intelligence telling them what they should see in their newsfeeds? According to Cain, that’s the same question President Donald Trump asked at a recent social media summit that Cain was invited to attend.

“So at this social media summit, with 250 like-minded people, people were asking questions, the president was responding,” Cain, who is an investor and adviser for Feedme, said. “And then one person got up and asked the question that said, ‘Mr. President, what is the solution?’

“And the president said, and I quote, ‘Give me one.'”

The solution that Trump and others are looking for? Feedme.

Feedme is a superfeed that gives users the power to take their social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, put them all into a single app and then set the order and frequency in which they can see the posts they most want to see.

It truly puts the power into the user’s hands and seems like the perfect solution to the problem of big tech companies overreaching their boundaries as information gatekeepers.

This allows the users to get what they most want and not have to be at the whim of others.

Feedme’s prospects go beyond just excitement and word of mouth. The empowering superfeed also came out of FreedomFest having won “Pitch Tank,” a “Shark Tank”-style product-pitching competition.

The competition victory netted Feedme $100,000 in Amazon Web Services prize money.

“Feedme is a first-of-kind superfeed app,” Feedme chief marketing officer Erin Brownback told The Western Journal.

“What that means is it brings feeds together from places you have been following content for years,” Brownback said.

“You’ve already gone to the work of following your favorite news, celebrities, and brands on social media platforms. Feedme automatically syncs with your accounts and lets you decide if you want to follow that same content all in one platform, and with a lot more control.  And you can find new great sources on Feedme that are recommended based on what you like.  It’s a perfect solution that gives you convenience and control.”

Feedme launches this month with a limited preview release by invitation, which will grow in the months ahead on a rolling basis.

Those who join in the early months will have the ability to help shape what the final version of the app becomes.

Anyone interested in trying the free app can sign up here.

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