Trump to Black Liberal Reporter: 'That's Such a Racist Question'


One of the things many Americans love or respect about President Donald Trump is his straight-talking style, calling out anyone and everyone on their nonsense. Another thing that is beloved by many is the fact that that “anyone and everyone” includes the media, which many people believe to be biased to the left and oftentimes “fake news.”

Despite the media being well aware of this and experiencing his wrath when they refuse to act as the Fourth Estate but as leftist propagandists, some continue to attempt to hit him with their “gotcha” questions. Or even worse, they attempt to set him up with questions along the lines of the infamous set-up question of “how often do you beat your wife?”

So when PBS NewsHour White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor went for the jugular with her particular line of questioning, she should have known better. And Trump called her out on it, immediately and repeatedly.

The Washington Examiner wrote that Alcindor tried to go the “white supremacist” accusation route by asking if  the president “has emboldened white nationalists by declaring himself a ‘nationalist.’” She is far from the first to try to make this association with him and his supporters, despite a simple perusal through a dictionary making a clear distinction between the two.

His response was classic Trump. Not only did he call her out on it, but he also called her out on the inherent racism in her question, as well. Some would be shocked over this, given the fact that Alcindor is black and political correctness dictates that only white people can be racist.

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His response to her was as follows, in part, as he interrupted her and she interrupted him as he said, “I don’t know why you would say that. It’s such a racist question.

“I don’t believe that. Why do I have among the highest poll numbers ever with African-Americans? Why do I have my highest poll numbers with African-Americans?”

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“I mean, why do I have my highest poll numbers? That’s such a racist question. Honestly, I mean, I know you have it written down and you’re gonna tell me. Let me tell you, that’s a racist question,” he continued.

“You know what the word is? I love our country. I do.”

“You have nationalists, you have globalists. I also love the world, and I don’t mind helping the world.”

“But we have to straighten out our country first. We have a lot of problems,” he added.

“Excuse me. But to say that, what you said, is so insulting to me. It’s a very terrible thing that you said.”

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But Trump is not the only one on to the establishment media’s game. Twitter users were quick to call them out for “putting words in his mouth” and making the untrue, racist association.

As long as the establishment media continues along this course of action, they will continue to lose the public’s trust. They will prove that the nickname “fake news” continues to be accurate, and they have only themselves to blame for it.

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