Trump Digs Up 'Classic' Video of Hillary Talking About Russia to Make a Point About 'Fake News'


President Donald Trump is almost certainly a traitor and is being controlled by Russia … at least that’s what the media and the president’s liberal opponents have been implying.

The narrative about Trump not being tough enough against Russian leader Vladimir Putin has been running since before the 2016 election, but reached a fever pitch after the president met with Putin in Europe this month.

Many pundits became borderline hysterical, alleging that Trump had committed a grave sin by trying to have a positive relationship with one of the most powerful nations on earth and trying to find diplomatic solutions to conflict.

The increasingly liberal Time Magazine went as far as to release a cover with a disturbing image of Trump morphing into Putin, the implication being that the American president was caving to Russia and allowing the opposing country to become too powerful.

Short memories seem to be rampant among Democrats. On Thursday, Trump gave them a wake-up call by tweeting a 2010 video from none other than Hillary Clinton.

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“Will the Dems and Fake News ever learn? This is classic!” the president posted.

The eight-year-old video came from an interview that Clinton gave with First Channel Television, which according to Townhall is partially owned by the Russian government.

In the remarkably Trump-sounding interview, Clinton sounded downright friendly to Russia, and declared that a “strong Russia” would be a good thing for America and our allies.

Do you think the left is using a major double standard on Russia?

“We want very much to have a strong Russia because a strong, confident, prosperous, stable Russia is, we think, in the interests of the world,” she stated on video.

Liberals didn’t call her a “traitor” then. They didn’t wring their hands and shriek about her being controlled by Russia, as they’re now saying about Trump.

Clearly on the defensive, Clinton quickly responded to Trump on Twitter. “That’s a clip from when Medvedev was president,” she said, implying that working toward a “strong Russia” was somehow fine under its last president but now suddenly horrific under Putin.

She also left out the major fact that Putin was the prime minister of Russia in 2010, the exact time when she made the “strong Russia” comments. The former Soviet nation uses both roles and they each hold significant power. Putin had been president in previous years and his title change to prime minister was largely in name only.

In other words, Clinton’s excuse made no sense, and bordered on willful ignorance.

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Medvedev, of course, was the Russian figure who then-President Barack Obama was caught on camera promising to assist once his pesky re-election against Mitt Romney was out of the way.

The same Obama laughed at Romney during a prime-time debate when the Republican candidate brought up Russia as a possible threat to world stability.

Now that a Republican is in the White House, however, liberals have conveniently done a complete 180 on their Russian stance. They apparently think that the American people are too stupid to remember events from a few years ago … or think nobody knows how to find a video.

Trump is right: This entire circus over Russia is being manufactured by liberals and the media, which seems to be hurling everything they can at the president to see what sticks. For lack of a better term, it is quintessential “fake news,” and hoisting Hillary by her own petard is a masterstroke.

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Benjamin Arie is an independent journalist and writer. He has personally covered everything ranging from local crime to the U.S. president as a reporter in Michigan before focusing on national politics. Ben frequently travels to Latin America and has spent years living in Mexico.