Trump Gains 5 Points in Poll After Handling of Kavanaugh, Hurricanes


As liberals ramp up their protests and angry rhetoric, President Donald Trump and Republicans just keep winning.

After the circus surrounding the confirmation of Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh, many on the left seemed convinced that the Democrat base would be re-energized headed into November’s midterm election.

Just like in 2016, however, it looks like liberals may have made a serious miscalculation.

A new poll suggests that Trump and Republicans weren’t hurt by the confirmation of Kavanaugh. Instead, conservatives stepping up to defend the judge in the face of unproven accusations appears to have boosted the president’s numbers.

President Trump‘s approval rating has increased 5 percentage points since late August, according to an ABC News/Washington Post poll.

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The poll found that 41 percent of adults approve of the president’s job performance, up from 36 percent in late August.

That’s not a lofty approval number, but the fact that the president’s ratings went up dramatically is especially noteworthy when the timing of the Kavanaugh kerfuffle is considered.

This means only one thing: Even in a fairly liberal poll from ABC and The Washington Post — neither conservative bastions — the Democrat strategy of delaying the judge’s confirmation and essentially slandering him in public has backfired big time.

Meanwhile, amazingly low unemployment numbers and Trump’s handling of recent hurricane relief efforts have also helped Republicans. The economy in particular will likely play a major role in the upcoming election.

Do you believe the Kavanaugh issue has energized the GOP base?

“Trump and Republicans have pointed to the economy and Kavanaugh’s confirmation as two key issues that will unite GOP voters in next month’s midterm elections,” Brett Samuels wrote at The Hill.

Different polls are even more favorable for the president. As we reported earlier this month, a Rasmussen Reports Presidential Tracking Poll has Trump’s numbers several points higher, with 49 percent of likely voters currently giving him the thumbs-up.

That’s actually a point higher than former President Barack Obama at the same time in his presidency. On the same day in October eight years ago, Obama had a 47 percent approval rating.

This fact blows a hole in the narrative that Trump is floundering, even though his first term has so far been marked by controversy and drama.

Once again, it looks like the left’s divisive rhetoric has failed to resonate with voters. Wailing, clawing and complaining doesn’t work — yet Democrats seem stuck in this mode.

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Polls are good indicators of which way the wind is blowing, but the real results happen on election day … and that’s why it’s so vitally important for conservatives to show up to vote on Nov. 6.

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