Trump Hit with Fox News Surprise Attack over Condolence Message He Sent McCains


Sometimes it seems like President Donald Trump can’t win.

If Trump ever somehow walked on water, his critics would point out that he can’t swim.

But while those outlandish criticisms have become par for the course from places like CNN or MSNBC, Trump has often found allies within the ranks of Fox News.

That wasn’t the case on Saturday when Fox News host Brit Hume took a swipe at Trump on Twitter.

Now, for the sake of fairness, Trump should never be above criticism. Nobody should be.

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There have certainly been times where Trump has warranted criticism. But paying respects and offering condolences to Sen. John McCain’s family? That absolutely should not be something worth criticizing.

Unless you’re Hume, apparently.

“Still not a kind word about McCain himself,” Hume tweeted in response to Trump.

Did the president's message of condolence deserve criticism?

What? Why is that a criticism? Part of the shock over this is the fact that Hume is ripping a page directly out of the far-left Hollywood elitists’ playbook.

I’ve always thought Hume was a fairly straightforward news analyst who’s able to stick to the facts and not let biases or opinions get in the way of news. Clearly, I may have misjudged what I’ve seen on television.

What exactly would Hume have preferred? Trump be disingenuous and fake about his contentious relationship with McCain?

That would’ve been a disservice to Trump and, frankly, a bigger disservice to McCain and his family.

It should also be noted that someone’s passing obviously calls for some semblance of respect, which Trump adhered to. But it shouldn’t automatically erase all of the things you disagreed with or immediately make someone a saint. A glaring example of that is the outpouring of unabashed adulation Michael Jackson received when he passed, despite several scandals involving the sexual abuse of children.

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Much in the same way that Jackson’s death shouldn’t supersede whatever bad he may have allegedly done, Trump shouldn’t be expected to forgive and forget the times he’s butted heads with McCain.

It may be a controversial take to maintain decorum while still questioning someone’s legacy, but it’s not like Trump was rude in the wake of McCain’s death.

And to be clear, Trump may not have even considered the implications of his tweet. At the same time, there may not have been any hidden meaning or ulterior agenda in Trump’s tweet.

Maybe, just maybe, Trump’s tweet offering condolences was just that and nothing more.

Instead of ripping him, perhaps Trump should be commended for offering prayer to the family of a man who he had such virulent ideological differences with — a family, by the way, that left Trump off the guest list for McCain’s funeral.

Say what you will about Trump, Mr. Hume, but that tweet is not something that should or needs to be scrutinized.

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Bryan Chai has written news and sports for The Western Journal for more than five years and has produced more than 1,300 stories. He specializes in the NBA and NFL as well as politics.
Bryan Chai has written news and sports for The Western Journal for more than five years and has produced more than 1,300 stories. He specializes in the NBA and NFL as well as politics. He graduated with a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona. He is an avid fan of sports, video games, politics and debate.
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