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Trump Trashes CNN Like Never Before, Suggests 'Worldwide' Network To Shut Them Down

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Some have called him an expert at trolling on social media.

Regardless, President Donald Trump’s latest tweets about “fake news” CNN are a definite slap at the once-proud and trusted media outlet.

Now, a man who built his public persona in part through the medium of television is talking about taking on the network in its own game.

CNN’s treatment of the United States government is “unfair,” Trump wrote in pair of Twitter posts.

“Something has to be done, including the possibility of the United States starting our own Worldwide Network to show the World the way we really are, GREAT!”

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Across the board, CNN’s ratings in the U.S. have tanked. The network has consistently lost against competing cable operations, but especially to the long-dominant Fox News.

An article in The Washington Post in October claimed that CNN was hated by “the Trumpworld” because “Trump and his allies have increasingly used CNN as a foil in the mainstream media.”

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It went on to cite a relationship between Trump and CNN that was more cordial prior to his run for the presidency and then in its early stages. According to the article, Trump only really started to dislike CNN when his own poll numbers dropped after securing the Republican nomination.

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What the article failed to note was the number of times when CNN has been hit with claims of “fake news” involving incorrect stories and edited videos. Some of the stories reflected badly upon Trump, but he has not been the only target.

CNN has been publicly hit for its incorrect reports about other issues, from the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings to antifa thugs, but they are far from the only guilty party in the establishment media.

In June 2017, The Federalist compiled a list of 16 examples of fake news published by establishment media outlets, both in the United States and in the United Kingdom. More recent examples hit outlets such as ABC, The Washington Post, NBC, MSNBC and CBS.

Of course, any news source dedicated to truth is a good thing, and most conservatives would be rightfully leery of the American government creating its own global television news outlet. Some would call that propaganda. (We’re looking at you, NPR.)

Look at how much damage a media subservient to the presidency did during the eight years of Barack Obama’s presidency.

Of course, it’s possible that Trump wasn’t serious, that he was simply trolling the outlet, baiting it into reacting.

With more and more people growing weary of the constant “Trump-bashing” and “fake news” produced by CNN and others, a news media outlet that reflected reality without feeling obligated to slant the news to attack the president, or Americans in general, would be a welcome relief.

That’s the world the modern establishment media have created.

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