Twin Girls' Birth Was So Fast That Mom Broke the Guinness World Record


The Guinness Book of World Records is overflowing with amazing facts and documentation.

Sports records broken, collections of the strange and unusual and even the fastest time to drink a bottle of ketchup, fills its glossy pages.

But there’s a new record to beat and it’s a record that is every pregnant mother’s dream. The fastest birth was recently recorded and it left everyone stunned.

Amanda Dorris was pregnant with twins. At 35 weeks gestation, the babies began to have trouble. They had stopped growing and doctors decided to induce labor.

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Dorris arrived at the Gatineau Hospital in Canada, with her husband, Patrick, and they began the process.

The pregnancy had been monitored and the delivery was considered high-risk, especially due to the premature birth.

Dorris readied herself for a crowded birthing room filled with doctors and specialists. She certainly didn’t expect that she and her newborn babies would be gracing the pages of a world record book some day soon.

After nine hours of labor, the time had come to welcome the new little lives.

As the doctors told her to push, her husband began to record a video on his cellphone so that his wife would not miss a thing.

It’s a good thing he did, because the twins were out into the world in the blink of an eye, 22.976 seconds to be exact. Fraternal twin Emmanuelle arrived first.

Before doctors even had a chance to take a breath or clamp the umbilical cord, Élodie was out. “She just came flying out,” said Dorris.

There was no time for specialists or a crowd of doctors. “The doctor had no word to explain it. He was just as shocked as anyone else,” explained Dorris. Both babies were small but healthy.

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The video coverage of the birth came in handy for many reasons.The stunned doctors were excited to see how quickly the twins were rushed into the world.

But Dorris’s mother had an idea. She believed that the quick birth had to be some kind of record.

After looking up the record for the quickest birth of twins, one minute, Dorris knew they had beat it. And thanks to the video they could prove it!

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