Twitter User's Brutal Response to Hillary Gun Control Tweet Is Best Thing on the Internet


Who is less qualified to lecture the country on gun laws: School students who aren’t old enough to drive or vote, or Hillary Rodham Clinton?

On Wednesday, the loser of the biggest election upset in modern history jumped on Twitter to speak about gun control… but some social media users quickly pointed out that she really doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

Clinton addressed the kids who had skipped school in order to vaguely protest guns and complain about constitutional rights.

“To all the students across our country who took part in #NationalWalkoutDay: Never let anybody tell you your voices don’t make a difference,” the former first lady declared.

“You‘re an inspiration to millions of Americans who know commonsense gun reform is long overdue. We are with you, and we will not give up,” Clinton continued.

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A Twitter user named Hale Razor had seen enough. The online commentator, who has a large social media following including pundits Steven Crowder and Ben Shapiro, dropped a bombshell response on the failed Democrat candidate.

“What did you do to end the gun violence in Libya when Americans under attack for hours asked for help,” Razor asked Hillary. “Maybe you and the Broward Sheriff sit this one out.”

Is it time for Hillary Clinton to retire and stop commenting on everything?

That last sentence is more than just political rhetoric. Clinton was photographed several times being chummy with Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel… the same man who made dismissive jokes about the Florida school shooting to Jake Tapper and whose deputies stood outside and did nothing while 17 people were murdered.

Israel was also part of a pro-Hillary campaign team during the election. It’s no wonder that there are eerie similarities between Clinton’s “what difference does it make” attitude and Israel’s appalling “If ifs and buts were candy and nuts” response. (Yes, he actually said that.)

Just as Clinton ignored multiple pleas for security assistance from the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, the Broward County sheriff turned a blind eye to countless red flags and even direct warnings about the Florida school shooter.

It’s also worth remembering that as Hillary Clinton lectures Americans about gun control, she is surrounded and protected by armed security 24/7.

It is not much of a stretch to say that she has probably had round-the-clock protection by trained men with guns nonstop since 1979, when her husband became the governor of Arkansas. Yet she has the gall to tell American citizens that guns are the problem.

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Perhaps if Clinton had even an ounce of self awareness, she would realize that one of the reasons she lost — twice — is because smugly scolding people doesn’t actually go over that well.

Sanctimoniously lecturing people about hating women if they don’t vote for her or having blood on their hands if they believe in the Second Amendment may win her brownie points from the far left, but most Americans can see right through the talking points.

Lecturing and scolding citizens like an old maid didn’t work very well in the 2016 election. Time will tell how effective it is on the gun control debate, but people like Clinton may be in for a surprise when the silent majority finally speaks.

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