Two Men Left Stranded near Heaping Pile of Trash after Car Breaks Down. Look Closer and See Dog's Body - Report


Two commuters were left stranded near a heaping pile of trash in East Tilbury, England after their car broke down. While waiting for help to arrive, both men curiously examined the rubbish and noticed something that clearly stood out from the rest of the discarded scraps.

Partially hidden among all the garbage was a white and brown female dog — specifically a Saluki, which is considered one of the oldest dog breeds. She was visibly malnourished and physically weak.

“She was curled up behind a large pile of debris and rubbish,” said Rebecca Benson, an inspector for the local Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. “She could only just manage to lift her head.”

The starved dog, which appeared to be about 18 months old, would have never been spotted from the road. Benson said the pup, later named Penny, was caked in mud and hard to detect among the waste.

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“I hate to think what could have happened to her if they hadn’t broken down in the area and stumbled across her,” Benson recalled.

She later added, “She’s literally been thrown out with the rubbish and was dumped at a location where she could have easily never have been found.”

The two men tried to give the dehydrated dog water, but she refused to drink it. Penny’s discovery was a complete miracle, especially considering the fact she was on the verge of dying.

Benson transported the sick canine to an animal health center where the veterinarians came to a sad conclusion. Doctors figured Penny was suffering from a severe gastro ailment and would have to undergo surgery.

Penny may have very well have been abandoned for that same reason. “I strongly suspect she’s simply been cast aside because she needed some veterinary attention and her owner didn’t want to pay for that,” Benson stated.

Penny was doing slightly better just within a few days. Veterinarians were able to rehydrate the dog and get her back on her feet.

The lucky pooch is expected to make a full recovery and be on her way to finding a loving home, but Benson said the journey for her wouldn’t just stop there. “To do something so cold and callous is just heartbreaking and I’d like to find out who is responsible,” she said.

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A Facebook post about Penny’s situation was posted on the charity’s page, RSPCA Essex Havering Branch.

The organization mentioned how they were “inundated with offers of homes,” but would be monitoring Penny’s health for a little while longer.

Surely a “guardian angel” was watching out for this precious dog who was found without an ID or microchip.

Hopefully, her story will bring even more light to the abuse, trauma, and neglect that helpless pets go through every day.

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