US Doctor Indicted for Exposing Secret Transgender Surgeries at Children's Hospital


In the insane, backward world of America under the Biden administration, mutilating children earns you praise, while trying to protect those same children earns you an indictment.

With its prosecution of everyone from former President Donald Trump to peaceful pro-life protesters, Biden’s Department of Justice has made it increasingly clear that it cares nothing for actual justice.

The indictment of Dr. Eithan Haim of the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston only confirmed that perception.

As reported in National Review, Haim was indicted last week on four felony counts for allegedly violating medical records law.

The indictment referred specifically to Haim anonymously sending documents to journalist Christopher Rufo showing the hospital had been performing surgeries and treatments in direct contradiction of Gov. Greg Abbott’s 2022 directive that “so-called ‘sex change’ procedures constitute child abuse under existing Texas law.”

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Haim’s communication with Rufo eventually led to Rufo writing a piece for the City Journal in May 2023 detailing the hospital’s illegal activity, which, The Christian Post reported, in turn led to a state investigation.

The state findings confirmed Haim’s allegations and Rufo’s reporting, and the Texas Children’s Hospital was forced to cease all such procedures in September 2023.

In January, the surgeon publicly identified himself as the whistleblower — in part to protect himself and his family after the feds showed up at his doorstep in June 2023.

“There was this deep visceral part of me that knew exactly what was happening — that they were there because we had challenged the political ideology, and they were there to make an example out of me,” Haim told National Review.

Tina Ansari, the assistant U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Texas, claimed the reason for his indictment was that he shared the medical records of minor patients without permission of those minors, their parents or their doctors.

However, as Rufo wrote in a City Journal article on Thursday, “I can confirm that nothing in the information provided to me identified any individual; all the documents were, in fact, carefully redacted.”

National Review noted that even though the information Haim gave to Rufo included no identifying markers or patient charts, federal law permits the disclosure of anonymous information — even protected information — in the case of “egregious medical misconduct.”

And most people would — or should — agree that performing breast removal and genital reconstruction surgeries on children absolutely counts as “egregious medical misconduct.”

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Still, the fact that the brave doctor who risked his career to save these children has been the one vilified by the DOJ, while the doctors and nurses who mutilated them walk free, is truly disgraceful.

Indeed, the doctors and nurses who were responsible for violating Abbott’s directive have faced no scrutiny or legal trouble at all.

As Haim told the Post in January, “These people are corrupt. And the only way to expose it is to not play into this Kabuki theater, like these people are practitioners of justice. Because if we were to collude with them, we would be sanctioning our own destruction.”

His indictment was unquestionably unjust, but here he was absolutely right.

The best way forward, not just for Haim but for anyone standing up to Biden’s corrupt DOJ and the woke hegemony, is not to back down.

Should Haim be cleared of all charges?

Rather, he and other victims of this corrupt, politically motivated “justice” should maintain their innocence and continue calling out these pretty-sounding euphemisms for what they are.

Gender-affirming care” is the mutilation of vulnerable, confused children, a cynical cash grab and institutionalized child abuse.

And the only way to stop the further spread of this insanity is to publicly condemn and fight against it, regardless of the personal cost.

Hopefully, more doctors will exhibit the same kind of courage under persecution that Dr. Eithan Haim has displayed.

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