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'This Is Us' Star Reveals Beatings & Forced Weigh-Ins as a Child


Millions of viewers have fallen head over heels in love with the television series “This Is Us.”

Unlike other shows, it focuses on real life challenges that characters do not magically overcome. It is relatable. It is real. Countless fans love the show for one simple reason — you don’t have to step into a set of imaginary shoes to feel what the cast is going through, we have all lived it.

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Most of us have dealt with the loss of a loved one. Many of us struggle with addictions, childhood traumas, depression, scorned relationships with family members and most importantly, grief. Problems like these don’t go away overnight in real life. Neither do the problems in “This Is Us.”

“This is Us” character Kate Pearson has faced plenty of difficulties in her storyline … But recently, the actress who plays Kate, Chrissy Metz came forward in an interview with People magazine and revealed something no one saw coming.

Metz endured painful physical and emotional abuse as a child at the hand of her cruel stepfather.

When she was only 8 years old, her mother was left to raise Metz and her two younger siblings on her own. Her mother went on to have another baby with a boyfriend who eventually left town. In the darkest moment of the young family’s lives, a man named Trigger entered their lives. Her mother married him at the courthouse and became pregnant again.

Trigger cared for his own biological children but detested Chrissy. Her mother, always working, never saw the horrors that went on daily during Chrissy’s childhood.

“My body seemed to offend him, but he couldn’t help but stare, especially when I was eating. He joked about putting a lock on the refrigerator. We had lived with a lack of food for so long that when it was there, I felt like I had to eat it before it disappeared. Food was my only happiness.”

Chrissy began hiding her eating out of fear. She would sneak food into the bathroom. Foods like cookies and chips — things that Metz say gave her a “brief bliss of numbness.”

The hitting began soon after. Trigger shoved, slapped and punched Metz frequently. Laying on the kitchen floor begging to know what she did wrong, he would shove her body as hard as he could with his foot.

As she entered her teens, things only got worse. Trigger began weighing her.

“He’d get the scale from the bathroom and clang it hard on the kitchen floor. ‘Well, get on the d— thing!’ Trigger would yell. ‘This is what you NEED to know.'”

He would yell slurs when her weight was revealed and demand to know why she was getting fatter.

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Despite the horror that was her childhood, Metz is now living her dream and even claims to have a relationship with the man who tormented her for so many years.

“I do love him and I do care about him.”

Metz wrote that Trigger was contrite about what went on years ago and described their relationship today as a “positive place.”

The star says she has no regrets about her past.

“We all go through stuff. But I truly believe that everything that happened to me, happened for me. I’ve learned some beautiful lessons.”

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