'The View' Gets Even More Anti-Trump by Adding CNN Star to Lineup


ABC’s daytime talk show “The View” is adding a new member to its virulently anti-Trump cast. Ana Navarro, CNN contributor and conservative Never-Trumper, announced on Friday that she will be joining the show as a regular guest host.

Despite identifying as a Republican and having worked on John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, Navarro will be right at home with the talk show’s current cast.

Navarro, who admits she voted for Hillary in the 2016 election, spends most of her time on CNN attacking Trump.

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Meanwhile, “The View” cast makes their bread and butter going after Trump, family values, Christianity, and so on.

Since Trump entered the political arena, the hosts of the show have called for violence against him, implied that Donald Trump Jr.’s young sons probably have rapist tendencies, and said that people can’t be Trump supporters and Christians.

Compare this with some of the things Navarro has said against Trump and many Republicans, and you’ll find a shared theme.

Will you tune in to see Navarro on "The View?"

According to the New Yorker, she’s called Trump a “swamp thing” and a “crazy orange man with an unidentifiable furry object on his head ranting into the wind.”

Not saving her anti-Trump rants just for CNN, Navarro frequently goes to Twitter to trash the president. She describes him as “an animal” and a “narcissistic man-baby.”

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She’s claimed that Trump turned the White House into a “s—hole,” and, most offensively, has made allusions that compare Trump to a Nazi.

And somehow, despite Navarro’s dramatic to-do over voting for Clinton in 2016, she continues to support Democrats over Republicans again and again.

Navarro, who’s a citizen of Florida, announced that she will be voting for Democratic gubernatorial nominee for Florida Andrew Gillum in the midterm elections. She didn’t leave it at that, though, going on to call Gillum’s Republican opponent Ron DeSantis “Trump’s parasitic twin.”

She’s also apparently not a Ted Cruz fan either.  During the 2016 elections, she reportedly compared Ted Cruz and Donald Trump to a “choice between strep throat and leukemia.”  More recently, as Cruz faces reelection in the Texas senate, Navarro has joked that Cruz, whose father was born and raised in Cuba, is impersonating a Latino person.

So it makes sense that Navarro is excited to join “The View” as a regular guest host. Where else could someone find the perfect platform for nasty, exhaustive anti-Trump rants?

If you needed another reminder that you’re not missing out on anything when you don’t watch “The View,” here it is.

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