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Watch Adorable Moment Senior Pup Realizes Her Soldier Owner Is Standing In Front of Her


It’s never easy to travel, go on a vacation, or be gone from home for any extended period of time. In the beginning, being somewhere new is fun and exciting, but at some point our thoughts tend to turn to those who are waiting for us at home.

We might miss friends and family, but we miss our pets, too — sometimes more than we miss people.

You can’t explain to an animal why you’ll be gone for a while. You’re their caretaker, you see them every day, and sometimes you feel their absence more deeply than you could have imagined.

Who knows what your pet thinks has happened when you leave, but one thing’s for sure: Most are ecstatic to see you again.

With the exception of some cats and reserved dogs, plenty of pups fling themselves into their owner’s arms upon being reunited with them. There’s something so heartwarming about seeing them together again, and witnessing the pure joy that so many dogs display.

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While plenty of the greeting pups are still spry enough to leap into their owner’s arms or run happy zoomie circles around the backyard, there are those who are a bit advanced in life and show their appreciation in different ways.

Buddy is a 13-year-old golden retriever whose human, Army Pvt. Hannah Foraker, went to basic training and had to leave Buddy behind.

Foraker said she’d Skype with Buddy when she could, but that she’d never left her pup for that kind of time before.

When Foraker returned, Buddy didn’t recognize her at first — but to be fair, Buddy was arthritic and nearly deaf. Once she realized who it was, though, she broke out into her own happy dance.

“When I came home we let her outside and, at first, she didn’t realize I was home,” the soldier explained to ABC News. “Then, she did a double-take and came back to me.”

“That’s when she started crying and whimpering. She was so excited.”

The elderly dog whined and wagged, flopping down onto her side and pawing at Foraker, clearly remembering this important person in her life.

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Plenty of people have been charmed by this interaction, and have chimed in with their own comments.

“This dog looks like the type of dog that would sit down next to you and tell your (sic) encouraging and wise words,” wrote Vinz Lim. “I want a dog like this.”

“Wow that’s a long time for a Golden retriever to live,” wrote Deanna Nissen. “That dog was waiting for her to come home. May God bless you both.”

Hopefully Buddy got to spend some well-earned time with her beloved human, as it’s clear from her welcome that she adores Foraker.

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