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Watch: Colin Cowherd Gets Trolled for His Baker Mayfield Hate on His Own Show

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The feud between Fox Sports host Colin Cowherd and Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield goes way back to when Mayfield was still at Oklahoma.

Cowherd has blasted Mayfield for things worthy of being called out, such as his arrest video and his on-field crotch grabbing, and for petty things, such as being shirtless in Sports Illustrated.

He went so far as to call the Heisman Trophy winner “undraftable.”

Even though Mayfield has helped the Browns get twice as many wins this year as they had in the last two years combined, Cowherd continues to pile on Mayfield and isn’t convinced he can be a star in the NFL.

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Enter Joel Klatt.

Klatt was a quarterback in his own right and played at Colorado back when the Buffaloes were in the Big 12 and conference rivals with Oklahoma. Now Klatt is a college football analyst for the same Fox network where Cowherd works.

On Wednesday, Klatt appeared on Cowherd’s show, “The Herd,” wearing the perfect attire to troll Cowherd right to his face.

“Oh God, this is so obnoxious,” Cowherd said when Klatt walked out wearing a Mayfield Browns jersey. “So obnoxious.”

Cowherd brought up another rookie quarterback who is also having an impressive debut season, the New York Jets’ Sam Darnold. But Klatt reminded Cowherd that this was a conversation about Mayfield, not Darnold.

“Here’s the difference,” Klatt told Cowherd. “You know what the difference is? I never said, ‘Darnold’s undraftable!’ That’s what you said about Mayfield — ‘Undraftable! Take him off my board, he grabbed his junk!'”

“(Darnold) didn’t grab his junk, he didn’t have a cop video,” Cowherd responded. “If Darnold was grabbing his junk and had a cop video, boom, out of here.”

Klatt got in the last word, saying, “Guess what Mayfield has? Cop video, junk and two wins. Bang!”

Among the four rookie quarterbacks who have started a game this year (Mayfield, Darnold, Josh Allen of the Bills and Josh Rosen of the Cardinals), Mayfield has the highest passer rating and the highest completion percentage.

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Darnold and Allen have both won two games as a starter while Mayfield has one victory as a starter and another when coming off the bench.

But Mayfield has perhaps the most impressive victory for any rookie this year with last week’s overtime win over the Ravens, who were 3-1. Baltimore had feasted on rookie QBs and was 15-5 against them since the 2008 season.

His next opportunity for Mayfield to impress Cowherd will come on Sunday vs. the Chargers. San Diego has faced one rookie QB this year, sacking Allen five times en route to a 31-20 Week 2 victory over the Bills.

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