Watch: Fed-Up Students Who Oppose Forced Masking Serve School Board with Baskets Full of Affidavits


A school board meeting in Loudoun County, Virginia, was halted Tuesday evening as fed-up students marched in to serve affidavits on board members to protest the county’s tyrannical school mask mandates.

As the students filed in carrying baskets of documents, a man in the front stood up and said aloud, “You are being served a legal document. You must take it.”

Numerous parents erupted into applause as the kids approached the front of the room, where the board sat, barricaded behind plexiglass enclosures.

At one point, several of the Loudoun County school board members stood up, as if to walk out.

That’s when some parents in the audience yelled, “You are being served,” and called the board members “cowards” for apparently attempting to leave.

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Amid the fracas, one of the board members said staffers would accept and distribute the documents.

Drew Wilder, a reporter for WRC-TV in Washington, shared video of the students’ actions, disdainfully describing them as “more chaotic theatrics.”

Megan Rafalski, a parent, told Fox News on Tuesday that 65 concerned parents and locals had signed the affidavits.

She said they resorted to filing the sworn statements because the board refused to listen to them.

“We’re parents who want to be parents and look after our children,” Rafalski said. “We’ve tried to talk to them. They will not listen, so it’s essentially a list of demands, a list of grievances.”

The affidavits demand that Loudoun County Public Schools and their superintendent “remove mask mandates since the science shows that these are not necessary for the protection of children and since the Schools do not comply with the other CDC Guidelines as claimed,” Fox News reported.

The affidavits also urge the board to stop the teaching of critical race theory in schools and to establish separate bathrooms for boys, girls, staff and transgender individuals.

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Republican Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin signed an executive order banning school mask mandates on Jan. 15, his first day in office.

Four days later, Scott Ziegler — the superintendent of Loudoun County’s left-wing school board — wrote a letter ordering students and staff to continue wearing masks all day.

On Feb. 1, three parents filed a lawsuit accusing the school board of defying “a lawful order from the Governor, opting instead to compromise the health and welfare of the Commonwealth’s children via adherence to a defunct order.”

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The plaintiffs also slammed the board for interfering with “parents’ rights to have a say in how their children are cared for and educated.”

To further underscore the inanity of the board’s stance, the Virginia state Senate voted 21-17 on Wednesday in favor of an amendment to end mask mandates in schools. It now goes to the House of Delegates.

The bill states that parents — not schools — should decide if their children wear masks all day.

“The parent of any child enrolled in a public elementary or secondary school, or in any school-based early childhood care and education program, may elect for such child to not wear a mask while on school property,” the amendment states.

“A parent making such an election shall not be required to provide a reason or any certification of the child’s health or education status,” it says. “No student shall suffer any adverse disciplinary or academic consequences as a result of this parental election.”

Last week, Loudoun County Public Schools suspended 29 students for refusing to wear a mask at school.

The absurdity of how America’s schools have devolved from educational institutions into factories for left-wing propaganda is frightening and presages an alarming, dystopian future for us all.

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