Watch: Hannity Goes to London and Exposes Anti-Trump Protesters with Simple Question


All fizzle and no sizzle: You might say that perfectly describes the vitriol from British protesters during Donald Trump’s visit to the U.K., at least if a new video from Sean Hannity is any sign.

During the past several days, news outlets scrambled to paint a picture of unified discontent and anti-Trump indignation from our English friends.

It’s a bit murky why opinions from a country on a different continent that we broke free from 242 years ago are so important, but the mainstream media has used one-sided reporting of the British protests to jab at the president all week.

There’s no denying that some people in England have their royal pantaloons in a wad over another nation’s election choices, but it looks like many are completely clueless as to why.

During man-on-the-street interviews in London, Fox News commentator Sean Hannity had a hell of a time getting Brits to even explain what they were protesting.

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“Hannity asked the protesters to list specific reasons why they were protesting Trump, a question that exposed the absurdity of the protests — and as Hannity said: ‘You can’t make this stuff up,'” summarized TheBlaze.

A quick look at some of the statements from the clueless hecklers reveals that many were joining the crowd with no real idea of what they believed or why they disliked the American president.

“It’s been hot this summer for a reason, you know what I mean?” said one, as if that explained everything. “I think (Trump) is promoting climate change,” they added.

Do you think these anti-Trump Brits represent the rest of the U.K.?

Yes, a president who has been in office for less than a year and a half is responsible for a warm summer in England, or as experts sometimes say, “seasons.”

“I’m here for all the hate Trump exudes. Yep,” commented another protester, without elaborating on which policies or statements were the problem.

Another person interviewed by Hannity echoed that sentiment but was equally vague on specifics.

“(I’m here) to protest against the Trump administration and everything it stands for,” she declared. When the Fox reporter asked for details, she recoiled. “I’m … I’m OK not being interviewed.”

“I think a lot British people are more intelligent than the Americans are when it comes to voting,” arrogantly chimed in one Londoner, whose head of state is a 92-year-old queen who was given the position because she was born to the right parents.

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“I think (Trump) represents everything that’s toxic about Western culture and Western history,” added another.

Yes, the world would be so much better off without that “toxic western culture and history.” If only Europe could go back to the 1500s, everything would be hunky-dory. Somewhere, Winston Churchill and 380,000 British pilots and soldiers who died defending Western culture are rolling in their honorable graves.

This sort of empty, protest-everything-vaguely attitude shouldn’t be surprising in the strange counterculture era of 2018, but it still is eye-opening.

One thing is clear: A protest sign doesn’t make the person behind it intelligent or informed … and neither, apparently, does a British accent.

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