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Watch: Happy Dog Can't Stop Belly Flopping Down Snowy Hill


This time of year, many of us are eyeing the outdoors and finding the conditions decidedly less than satisfactory. In many places it’s frigid, snowing, raining or otherwise miserable outside.

Christmas is over, New Years has passed, and now we have a few boring months to slog through before the season changes and life comes back. While we may be unhappy with the current outdoor state of things, our four-legged friends are probably mopey, too.

Some dogs are all about cushions and beds and blankets, and would rather lounge indoors than dirty their paws outdoors. But many — probably even most — dogs love going outside.

They chase birds, squirrels, rabbits and anything that moves. The tear around the yard, they swim in lakes and creeks, and they generally relish being outside.

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Sometimes, as in the video above, it may seem like they’re getting themselves into trouble at first when really they’re just enjoying being a dog in the great outdoors. It’s not just the athletic ones who love going outside — there’s something for every dog.

You’ve probably seen kids rolling down hills (perhaps you did at some point, too. If you did, you probably remember how ridiculously itchy you’d get afterward): dogs are similar. They like to play, and they’re willing to act a lot sillier than some adults.

That’s probably at least partly why they’re so good for us. They break us out of our shells and bring life and craziness into our lives. They’re great companions wherever we go.

Some dogs are even fans of the snow — though that’s probably because for most well-loved pups, romps in the snow are short breaks from comfortable indoor living.

There are even some breeds of dog that are more comfortable in the chillier climate, as they were bred to grow thick coats that keep them well-insulated.

Few things are as inspiring or heartwarming as seeing a dog truly enjoy itself — and the Labrador below is a clear example of that. If you only caught a glimpse of this dog it might look like it stumbled and went tumbling down the hill.

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But no, this is all carefully orchestrated, much like in the video above of the bulldog rolling down a hill. This yellow lab knows exactly what it’s doing: having a blast.

The dog repeatedly climbs up the snowy embankment and then turns around and throws itself down, frog-dogging it all the way back down, picking up speed as it goes.

It’s surprising how fast this pup can go, considering the fact that it’s not using anything other than its belly to slide on. Is your dog this resourceful?

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