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Watch: Heartwarming Moment Hearing-Impaired Baby Hears Mom's Voice for the First Time


A mother’s greatest desire is for her child to hear her say “I love you.” For Christin Lang and her son, Augie, that moment was made even more special.

When newborn Augie didn’t pass his first hearing test, Lang wasn’t concerned. Many babies fail their first screenings.

“I did not think anything about it because my middle son didn’t pass his hearing screening the first time either,” Lang told Liftable, a section of The Western Journal.

After further testing, however, the doctor delivered unexpected news.

“I could tell by how the couple of hours went that it wasn’t going the direction I thought it would,” she said. “Instead, we got the diagnosis that he had bilateral, sensorineural profound hearing loss.”

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Augie’s family was in shock. Lang had never suspected that Augie might be deaf.

“I cried because in that moment I realized that all of the ‘I love you’s’ that I had whispered in his ear since the moment I met him [were] void,” Lang said. “He hadn’t heard any of them.”

The following days were a whirlwind for Lang and her family. Busy with doctor visits, research and learning American Sign Language, she barely found time to process the situation.

“All of this wasn’t how I imagined our first year would go. We have spent our days at doctors and specialists having tests done,” Lang told Liftable.

When it came time for Augie to test hearing aids, Lang didn’t get her hopes up. She had already taken measures to enroll Augie in Happy Hands, a school for deaf children in Tulsa, Oklahoma, dedicated to teaching sign language.

Augie, being profoundly deaf, would likely never hear.

However, doctors fit Augie with hearing aids, anyway, and once they were in, Lang got the most emotional shock of her life.

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“The moment they turned the hearing aids on, he immediately started laughing. It was amazing and I was crying during all of it,” Lang said.

In the video, Augie beams and giggles in response to his mother’s voice. For Lang, the moment was a dream come true.

“You can’t tell in the video but my face was covered in tears. Tears of joy because once I found out Augie was deaf, I grieved knowing he would probably never hear my voice,” Lang told Liftable.

“It became one of my greatest desires that he would one day be able to hear his mommy.

“Those moments are moments I dreamed of and desired and really did not have much hope that I would ever get to experience and share with him. God gave us me those moments and I am so thankful He did.”

Lang is now looking forward to learning more about ASL and the deaf community as she raises her beloved son. Although Augie is still unable to hear without the help of aids, his mother knows that nothing will stop him from achieving whatever he sets his mind to.

“It is our hope to continue learning ASL alongside our sweet Augie because, as his mom, I will do anything, whatever it takes, to be able to communicate with my baby,” Lang said.

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