Watch: Hollywood Punk Punches, Steals Old Man's Wallet - Ends Up Being Completely Demolished by Good Samaritan, Brunette


This is what justice looks like.

A robber who attacked an elderly man was quickly taken to the ground by a good Samaritan in Hollywood on Aug. 1.

Security camera footage showed a man delivering a punch to the head of his victim at Raffallo’s Pizza. The man reached into his victim’s pockets, stealing his wallet before fleeing the scene.

Security camera company Amcrest Technologies was the first to publish video of the violent altercation on their YouTube channel.

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A wallet fell to the ground as the good Samaritan catches up to the perp outside of the Hollywood restaurant. A brunette woman assisted by picking up the victim’s belongings.

Ratcliff’s glasses were destroyed in the altercation — during which the woman delivered a few kicks to the robber’s body.

The robber struggled aimlessly until a fire truck and cops finally arrive, eventually handcuffing him.

The man who took down the thief is the owner of a business next door to the scene of the robbery, according to KTLA-TV.

Did he get what he had coming?

Tim Ratcliff, the owner of Hollywood sushi restaurant Shin, said he used some “judo moves” to put the thief on the ground.

He’s set to testify in court and hopes the man behind the cheap shot attack will be behind bars for “a long time,” according to the Daily Mail.

The attack placed the elderly victim in the hospital.

The man behind the beating hasn’t been identified in the media, and it’s not clear what kind of criminal charges he’s facing as a result of the incident.

Los Angeles has faced the consequences of a crime wave under the leadership of progressive district attorney George Gascón.

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Ratcliff said he’d go after the thief again.

“I would do it again. I’m tired of things happening that shouldn’t happen, and the easiest thing I can say is there’s more of us than there are of them,” he told KTLA.

“If we team up, then it’s going to be fine.”

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