Watch: Mic Barely Picks up Pelosi Asking 'What’s the Point?' of Enforcing Immigration Laws


Illegal immigration is an unprecedented crisis. It is real and it is here, and it’s not one of President Donald Trump’s own making.

And all the grandstanding and gaslighting by the left won’t make it less real or less imminent.

Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw is right on the money, as usual, when he says that Democrats have “have refused to support funding for resources at the border & have offered no solutions.”

It’s leftist politics 101: Why propose a solution when you can score political points by exploiting the problem?

Liberal politicians are making sure the window stays open, but howling that the flies got in.

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And House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California is queen of this tactic.

She illustrated this point perfectly Monday at a “Speaker in the House” town hall event in Elmhurst, New York.

Although Democrats have decried the situation at America’s southern border, Pelosi tells the audience here that “a violation of status is not a reason for deportation.”

Do you think Nancy Pelosi would eliminate America's immigration laws if given the chance?

This contrasts leftists’ complete disregard for the rule of law with their complete willingness to capitalize off of that same permitted lawlessness.

Pelosi wasn’t finished.

She began to opine on the issue of “interior enforcement” — the act of deporting those illegals who are inside the United States as opposed to preventing illegals from entering altogether.

Her seemingly off-the-script muttering resulted in a statement that is profound in its insight into the inner workings of the left’s immigration rationale.

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“In terms of interior enforcement … what’s the point?” Pelosi asked, with the microphone she was speaking into barely even catching that last phrase.

“I won’t even go into what the motivation might be for that,” she added.

“This is not a political event.”

Political event or not, the speaker of the House just asked a rhetorical question that implies she sees no point in enforcing immigration laws once the illegals have entered the U.S.

Pelosi thinks that we should just let them stay.

That sure sounds like 100 percent unquestioned and unvetted amnesty for all.

While this seems to have been an unscripted remark, it would be foolish to ignore that a person with Pelosi’s experience and influence would advocate for such a thing.

Traditional American values rest on the fundamental proposition of enforcing the rule of law.

When the Democratic Party decides it they can reject that premise for political gain, it has abandoned what makes America great.

Pelosi is not alone in this sort of thinking, but we must stand against the ideas that Democrats like her would seek to push on this country.

And don’t let the left silence you by claiming adherence to the rule of law and a desire for reasonable border reform are the fruits of a racist, bigoted heart.

They are not.

If America is to remain the bastion of liberty for freedom-seeking people, for the oppressed and for the persecuted, then it must remain a nation of laws.

Otherwise, we will hold no refuge worth seeking.

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