Watch: Nathan Wade's CNN Interview Interrupted After He's Pressed on Fani Willis Drama - 'I'm Getting Signaled Here'


Nathan Wade, the ex-boyfriend of a Georgia prosecutor who’s targeting former President Donald Trump, was abruptly pulled away during a CNN interview when asked about his scandalous affair.

On Wednesday, a “media consultant” interrupted the interview after CNN host Kaitlan Collins asked the ousted Trump prosecutor about the timeline of his romance with his former boss, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

“Just to clarify, when did the romantic relationship between the two of you start?” Collins asked.

“Yeah, so we get into — there’s been this effort to say that, OK, these exact dates are at issue and these exact dates are,” he stammered.

Wade then abruptly stopped talking, saying, “I’m getting — I’m getting signaled here.”

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At that point, a “media consultant” stepped in and pulled Wade aside. The two then huddled in a corner for about a minute.

After Wade returned to his chair, Collins asked, “Everything OK?”

He said, “Yeah,” and then proceeded to dodge the question about his affair.

The irony is that the main reason the media want to interview Wade is to grill him about his sordid romance with Willis, which has spotlighted the corruption in the so-called election interference case against Trump.

“Attorney Ashleigh Merchant, who represents Trump co-defendant Michael Roman in the sprawling racketeering and influence case, has argued that the ‘improper’ and ‘clandestine’ relationship started as early as 2019,” the New York Post reported.

“Wade was hired by Willis to lead the investigation on Nov. 1, 2021, one day before he filed for divorce. He has testified that the tryst started ‘around March’ 2022.”

“Neither has provided a precise date of when the fling began. Both Wade and Willis have similarly given conflicting time periods for when their romance ended,” the report said.

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In January, Willis was accused of a jaw-dropping series of ethical breaches and legal misconduct in a 127-page court filing by Roman, a former 2020 campaign official.

The Fulton County district attorney has been accused of hiring her lover as a “special prosecutor” on the Trump case.

Willis and Wade allegedly took lavish vacations to Napa Valley, Florida and the Caribbean using the taxpayer money his law firm had received for working on the case.

CNN reported that “one line item stood out to multiple lawyers who reviewed Wade’s billing document included in the motion filed by Roman: On November 5, 2021, Wade billed the Fulton County DA for 24 hours in a day at $250 per hour.”

That would mean that Wade worked 24 hours straight that Sunday.

In total, Wade was paid almost $1 million after being hired as a special prosecutor by Willis, according to court papers.

Defense attorney Manny Arora also took issue with his “utter lack of experience” in relevant case law before he was hired as a “special prosecutor” by his then-girlfriend.

“The bigger concern [than the affair and financial payments] is hiring an attorney to handle the biggest RICO case — possibly in the history of U.S. jurisprudence — when that counsel has never handled a RICO case before,” Arora told CNN.

Is Trump being persecuted?

This is why the timeline of Wade’s romance with Willis is relevant.

Wade’s affair and the ethical issues raised by the hefty payments he received were so scandalous that he resigned in March.

On March 15, Judge Scott McAfee — who’s overseeing the case in the Superior Court of Fulton County — wrote in a 23-page ruling that the romance between the couple had created an appearance of a conflict of interest.

In his decision, McAfee said the entire district attorney’s office should resign if Wade remains on the team. That same day, Wade stepped down.

Scandal aside, the damage to Willis’ politically motivated, shoddy persecution of Trump has been done.

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