Watch: Tucker Done Pulling Punches, Goes Full Scorched Earth on Ilhan Omar


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson blasted Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar after the lawmaker called for a boycott of Carlson’s network for giving a “nightly platform to white supremacist rhetoric.” Her call for a boycott came after Carlson had accused her of being anti-American and ungrateful for her citizenship.

According to Real Clear Politics, Carlson explained on his Tuesday night show that immigrants like Omar don’t come to America hating their new country.

“Omar may be from another country but she learned young that crying racism pays. The bigger question is, who taught her that? She didn’t arrive from a Kenyan refugee camp announcing people as bigots for a political campaign. She wasn’t always a professional victim. That is learned behavior,” Carlson said.

The Fox News host unleashed a verbal attack on Omar, reminding his viewers that without America’s aid, Omar would still be stuck in one of the most dangerous places in the world — Mogadishu, Somalia.

“Our country rescued Ilhan Omar from the single worst place on earth, we didn’t do it to get rich, in fact it cost us money. We did it because we are kind people,” Carlson reminded the viewing audience.

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You can watch Carlson’s response to Omar’s remarks in the video below.

Make no mistake: Omar came to America because she knew it was the best possible chance for her to live a safe and successful life.

It’s difficult to understand why she would turn on America after achieving the American dream.

Do you agree with Tucker Carlson?

Carlson noted a problem with some immigrants: they may not welcome America as much as America welcomes them.

“The United States admits more immigrants more than any other country on Earth, more than a million every year. The Democratic Party demand we increase that by and admit far more. OK, Americans like immigrants, but immigrants have got to like us back,” Carlson said.

“That’s the key, it’s essential. Otherwise, the country falls apart.”

As expected, after Carlson’s Tuesday night show when he originally called out Omar for seemingly hating America, the freshman lawmaker pulled the race card, tweeting a firestorm of accusations against the Fox News host.

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“Fox News is now giving a nightly platform to white supremacist rhetoric. It’s dangerous. Advertisers should not be underwriting hate speech,” Omar tweeted.

She gained immediate support from Democratic allies, including Washington Rep. Adam Smith, who also labeled the Fox News host a racist.

“The comments from Tucker Carlson last night are vile. He spews racist, bigoted, and xenophobic views that make our country worse,” Smith tweeted.

But Carlson hit the nail on the head: Democrats cry “racism” whenever someone on the other side makes a statement they disagree with. Omar’s an expert at the tactic.

“It’s not about race. But, of course, Omar and her friends already know that. Nothing they say on the subject of race is sincere. It’s all the hustle designed to get them what they want. Omar has made a career of denouncing anyone and anything in her way as racist,” Carlson said.

Omar can continue her path of anti-American, race card-playing antics, but the bottom line is that Americans are tired of it.

Even long-time Democrats within her party like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have been forced to face the antics of progressives like Omar.

We’ll find out just how exhausted American voters are when it’s time for Omar’s reelection in 2020.

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