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Watch: US Gunner in Tense Fight Yells 'Ammo' When His .50 Cal Runs Dry - Gets Handed Something Better


Intense combat footage posted online in September shows the ferocity of the war in Ukraine.

In the body-camera footage, a man with an American accent lights up what is described as a Russian-occupied village with a vehicle-mounted M2 Browning machine gun.

“I start to engage my designated house as its shown to have anti-tank positioned in it,” the -video uploader says of his actions in a caption on the video.

Small arms fire rings out from positions in the enemy village after the Browning gunner runs out of ammunition.

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The American asks the crew of his vehicle to provide him with more .50 caliber ammunition repeatedly. He’s instead handed two different AT4 weapons successively.

A language barrier may have prevented the man’s Ukrainian comrades from understanding that he needed more Browning ammunition. He emphasizes that he needs “fifty [caliber]” ammunition to his vehicle crew, who appear to believe that he’s asking for another AT4.

Pinned down by small arms fire, the machine gunner fires the recoilless rifle at a house.

He’s forced to take cover inside his vehicle as fighters in the area of the house return fire, conceivably seeking to neutralize the operator of the .50 caliber machine gun.

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The man finally ducks down into the armored vehicle, retrieving the ammunition he needs and bringing the Browning machine gun back online.

Eventually, the vehicle he’s riding in speeds away from the village.

In the video’s caption, the uploader of the footage indicates that the enemy forces holding the village in question were armed with rocket-propelled grenades.

This weapon could have posed a serious danger, even to an armored vehicle. The caption indicates that the Ukrainian forces were attacking the village in Humvee vehicles.

It’s not clear which region of Ukraine the high-intensity combat footage was filmed in.

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The video’s uploader is still actively publishing wartime footage, including a video of himself and his comrades reportedly driving an abandoned tank.

The American in question explained his motives for fighting with Ukraine in a November video.

In an Instagram account linked to the YouTube channel in which the footage appeared, the individual in question identifies himself as a U.S Army veteran who moved to Ukraine in 2012.

Editor’s note: The contents of the above videos could not be independently verified by The Western Journal.  

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