Watch: Woman Loses it, Erupts at Mother After Baby Disrupts Meal at Restaurant - 'People are Going to Jail'


What started as a regular family night out quickly turned into a unforgettable evening.

A woman was arrested at a Mexican restaurant in Mississippi after confronting a couple over their crying child, according to the Daily Mail.

In a video uploaded to TikTok by the child’s mother, a user named Madi, the woman could be seen screaming at a man about the child.

Warning: The following video contains graphic language that some may find offensive.

“Don’t bring your f***ing baby to a f***ing restaurant!” the woman screamed.

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@madipayneeHere’s the video with no music 🫤😂♬ original sound – Madi 🤍

The woman explained that the couple needed to leave, because “other people were trying to have a conversation.”

Other restaurant patrons were seen coming to the couple’s defense, which only seemed to escalate the woman’s rage.

Do you think this was an overreaction?

As the situation continued to drag on, two police officers stepped attempted to defuse the situation.

“If we stay, people are going to jail,” one of the officers told them.

As the officers turned to leave, the woman could be seen sticking her middle finger up at the person filming her. Moments later, the woman was escorted out of the restaurant by the officers.

In a follow-up video, Madi explained that her child wasn’t crying the entire time, as the woman had suggested.

The series of videos has been viewed more than 12 million times.

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Rather, Madi said that the woman became irate after her son made a noise. She yelled that she couldn’t hear because of Madi’s son.

Upon hearing the comment, Madi said she went to confront the woman about her comments. Madi also said that the woman pushed her.

The woman’s response was seriously inappropriate. Anyone who has a child knows that babies cry. And oftentimes, the parents can’t immediately calm their kids down.

Which is why people should be sympathetic, rather than demeaning, toward parents when children start to misbehave.

Sure, screaming children are annoying. But it’s not as if the parents here wanted their child to misbehave. They were trying to have a nice night out themselves.

Moreover, is the woman really suggesting that parents shouldn’t be allowed to bring their kids to a restaurant?

Sometimes, parents can’t get a babysitter to watch their kids. Or, better yet, they want to bring their children with them.

If this woman had to say something, she should have at least done so in a civilized manner instead of screaming and swearing at the parents.

However, she could have shown some compassion toward the parents and simply not let the child’s misbehavior get to her.

Patience is a virtue that requires practice. Hopefully, this woman will get a chance to practice it again.

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Anthony Altomari is a commentary writer for the Western Journal. He focuses his writing on culture and politics.
Anthony Altomari is a commentary writer for the Western Journal. He focuses his writing on culture and politics.