Watch: Women's March Members Learn Tough Lesson in Science at Rally


These are the people who believe in science?

On Jan. 20, thousands of women attended the Women’s March in Washington. But some of those women were hit in the face with reality when they decided to walk on top of the iced-over Reflecting Pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial — in 60 degree weather.

According to The Washington Post, some marchers thought it would be a good idea to walk on the ice covering the pool.

The water was frozen over due to previous frigid temperatures, but on the day of the march, things had warmed up considerably.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that warm air melts ice, but apparently these marchers completely forgot their elementary school lessons.

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The result was more than a little embarrassing when the ice cracked.

Other marchers rushed to help pull them out of the water. Thankfully, the pool is only about two feet deep, so there was no real danger except to the marchers’ dignity — such as it was.

Here’s how The Washington Post described the scene in an article posted Jan. 23:

“Pro tip: When it’s 60 degrees outside, it’s a bad idea to test frozen bodies of water in the Mid-Atlantic region. That’s exactly what a number of demonstrators did at Saturday’s Women’s March, and they paid the price.

Do you think this shows pure ignorance?

“The ice cracked and down they went …

“While falling through the ice at the Reflecting Pool is more of a laughing matter and inconvenience than it is a hazard, it underscores the danger of remaining ice on area lakes, ponds, and rivers which are much deeper (and not surrounded by thousands of people, who can assist).”

Take a look at this video, posted on Twitter by Taran Catania.

The video clearly shows one woman falling through ice, as someone assists her back to safety:

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Popzilla also posted pictures taken by Endrit Demi that show people running across the Reflecting Pool.

Did these people really not think this through?

Sure, it might sound like a good idea at first, but does anyone really want to fall through ice and spend the rest of the day marching in soaking clothes?

This is complete idiocy.

Liberals claim they believe in science, but apparently they don’t even the basics.

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