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Watch: Yankees Fans Further Ruin Their Reputation with Behavior During Wild-Card Win

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In 2017, FiveThirtyEight displayed the results of a poll conducted by Surveymonkey to determine the worst fans in baseball.

It should come as no surprise that the Evil Empire of the New York Yankees “won” the poll, as 48 percent of fans viewed the team unfavorably. For comparison, the only other team to even crack 30 percent as unfavorable was the other MLB team from New York, the Mets, who came in at 35 percent.

Not only are the Yankees hated by baseball fans outside of their own, but their fans are also hated by other teams’ fans.

Yankees fans have quite the reputation then, and they did nothing to diminish that with the acts of a few after the Yanks won the AL wild card game vs. the Athletics at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday.

Here is what happened in the left field bleachers after presumably a big play by the home team.

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A Yankees fan threw a full cup of beer at another fan dressed from head-to-toe in Athletics gear.

If that wasn’t enough, he then threw the plastic beer cup at the fan who was left bewildered as to what he did to deserve that.

Are Yankees fans the worst fans in all of baseball?

There was more evidence of Yankees fans being poor sports, although this one isn’t quite as bad and doesn’t warrant an arrest like the above one.

With the game either just ending or all but over, a Yankees fan tried to “console” an Athletics fan by patting him on the back.

The A’s fan clearly didn’t want to be touched so the Yankees fan then resorted to trying to take a selfie with the upset A’s fan.

The Athletics fan did his best to avoid being in the selfie as he tried to hide behind the back of the Yankees fan.

Even a Yankees fan on Twitter spoke out against the actions of his fellow fan while also throwing a jab at the rival Red Sox.

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Speaking of the Red Sox, they will be the Yankees’ opponents in the American League Divisional Series. The teams met 19 times during the regular season, with the Sox winning 10 games.

This will be the first postseason meeting between the two since the 2004 ALCS in which the Red Sox overcame a 3-0 deficit to defeat the Yankees and then went on to win the World Series.

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