Watch What Happens When 1 Boar Attacks a Village in Disarmed Country


When a wild boar attacked a man outside his home in a Chinese village late last month, the most his family could do for him was pummel the boar with shovels as they waited for the authorities to arrive.

“CCTV footage shows the boar attacking an elderly man who fell on the ground, as his four family members try to distract it using shovels,” the U.K. Daily Mail reported earlier this month, citing an original report from the Chinese-language Beijing Youth Daily.

The victim, identified as a 66-year-old man with the surname Zhang, reportedly died from the wounds he suffered. His daughter-in-law likewise suffered severe but non-lethal wounds when the estimated 220-pound beast gored her.

Watch the surveillance camera footage here (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT).

The South China Morning Post reported that the boar was eventually “shot dead by armed police officers.”

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Better late than never, I suppose?

The problem is that “private citizens are forbidden from owning and selling guns” in China, according to the English-language China Daily newspaper.

The only ones permitted firearms in the Communist nation are agents of the state, which means everyday citizens are only allowed to use the most basic of weapons (think shovels, knives, forks, etc.) to protect themselves.

Given that fighting a boar with a shovel or knife isn’t very effective, this leaves Chinese citizens vulnerable in areas where boars are common.

Are China's gun laws responsible for this man's death?

“Villagers can only be careful and try to escape,” Li Yufeng, the chief of Zhang’s village, reportedly explained to the Beijing Youth Daily.

But sadly, there was no escape for Zhang.

And yet, despite China hosting the strictest gun laws on Earth, it still suffers from gang activity, illegal firearm trafficking and gun crime, as noted in a report four years ago by the International Business Times.

In 2013, “a man fatally shot five people in a fit of rage that stemmed from an economic dispute at work,” according to IBT. And in 2008, “a police officer was shot six times in the midst of what authorities and local media described as a ‘gun battle.'”

It seems like, instead of stopping crime, the nation’s strict gun rules have merely made it virtually impossible for law-abiding citizens to protect themselves from thugs and wild animals.

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Even worse, those who live otherwise law-abiding lives have often been the ones to come under attack by China’s oppressive regime.

Last year, for instance, a 51-year-old Chinese woman was sentenced to 3-1/2 years in prison because she used air rifles to shoot balloons as part of a fun-fair booth she operated, as reported by the South China Morning Post.

So, thanks to China’s absurd laws, not only are innocent men being killed by boars, but women running their own businesses are being imprisoned for shooting balloons.

And just a reminder, two years ago, then-President Barack Obama cited China “as an illustration for the benefits of enhanced gun control on a populace,” according to The Daily Caller.

Thank God that fool is not our president anymore!

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