While Kate Gave Birth to Royal Baby, Princess Charlotte Made History and No One Realized


As of Monday, April 23, Princess Charlotte has officially become a middle child.

Middle children everywhere can commiserate with the girl’s plight, but the young royal will no doubt receive more attention than your average middle child because of her station.

As she was toted along to see her mother and new baby brother on Monday, she was seen to give the crowd a wave.


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Her brother, Prince George, looked a bit more serious. And for good reason — he’s been through this process before.

The little tyke of 4 years old clearly has a wisdom beyond his tender age. The last time he went to see his mom like this, he got another sibling.

But Charlotte didn’t know any of that. And she probably didn’t know that while the world focused on the new, as-of-yet unnamed baby, she silently made history.

While Princess Charlotte will always be the second child, her spot in line to the throne will not be taken by her baby brother.

Before 2013, this was not the case. Male children trumped female children in succession for the throne.

That meant if a girl was born first, and then her parents had a son after her, he had a right to the position before she did.

Times have changed, though, and thanks to the Succession to the Crown Act passed five years ago, Princess Charlotte gets to keep her place in line.

This act includes all royals, and applies to males born on or after October 28, 2011. That’s a lot of history to challenge, but ultimately for the better.

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For little Charlotte, that means she’s fourth in line after the Queen. Of course, first is Charles, Prince of Wales.

Next, the young princess’ father, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. Third is her older brother, Prince George.


It will probably be a while before she realizes what this actually means for her. She’s only 2 years old, so she should have years of childhood before the gravity of that position sets in.

She’s fortunate to be born in a time where her rights are being advocated for, and she’s not the only one who will benefit through this act being passed.

Although she’s far enough down the line that accepting the throne may never be a reality for her, at least she knows that she won’t be overlooked as the royal, middle (female) child.

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