Whoopi Attacks Don Jr.'s Sons, So He Goes Nuclear. Accuses Her of Defending Rapist


Donald Trump Jr. slammed Whoopi Goldberg on Tuesday after she said that the only reason he might want Judge Brett Kavanaugh to be given a fair trial is because Trump Jr. believes his sons might have rapist “tendencies.”

Goldberg made her defamatory remark about Trump Jr.’s kids while co-hosting ABC’s morning talk show “The View.”  Our favorite gal pals were hosting a segment on the #MeToo movement and discussed a recent interview Trump Jr. gave Daily Mail.

In a clip from the interview, which was released on the Daily Mail website on Monday, the younger Trump told the website that he feared for a future in which mere accusations, without evidence or due process, are enough to cost a man his job.

“I’ve got boys, and I’ve got girls. And when I see what’s going on right now, it’s scary,” Trump Jr. said about the current climate of the confirmation hearings.

When the interviewer pressed him for whether he was more worried about his sons or daughters, he said “I mean, right now, I’d say my sons.”

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“The other problem is that for the people who are real victims of these things, when it is so obviously political in cases like this, it really diminishes the real claims,” he continued.

Trump Jr. made some good points about the need to uphold due process to do justice for actual sexual assault survivors. And it’s certainly not remarkable that a father wouldn’t want his children to be accused of something and then denounced as guilty without evidence.

But, as if to make his fears true, Goldberg heard this as the President’s son admitting that he thinks his sons are potential rapists.

“You only worry about this for your child if you think your child has these tendencies,” Goldberg said on “the View” on Tuesday. “If you think your child is not someone who is assaulting people, it shouldn’t be a concern for you.”

Do you think Whoopi Goldberg is a hypocrite?

I guess by “tendencies” she meant “tendencies to assault people,” which is a strange way of looking at abusers. And by referring to children who assault people, perhaps she meant children who grow up to assault people, as Trump Jr.’s sons are 9, 7, and 5 years old right now.

But Goldberg’s attacks on Trump Jr.’s children aren’t just pathetic and groundless. They’re also hypocritical.

Trump Jr. responded to Goldberg via Twitter later on Tuesday to remind her of how she once defended a convicted child rapist, film director Roman Polanski, as someone who didn’t so-called “rape-rape” a 13-year old girl.

The younger Trump tweeted, “@WhoopiGoldberg, instead of insinuating that my sons are potential future abusers, you might want to explain why you defended actual child rapist Roman Polanski?

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“I don’t believe it was ‘rape’ rape.” – Whoopi Goldberg on Roman Polanski,” Trump Jr. quoted in his tweet. He also addressed the tweet to @TheView and @ABC.

His tweet included a clip showing Goldberg trying to police her co-hosts’ language as they talked about Polanski.

According to media watchdog NewsBusters’ report from the time that Goldberg said this, she also made other disgusting points like “We’re a different kind of society. We see things differently. The world sees 13 year olds and 14 year olds in the rest of Europe … not everybody agrees with the way we see things.”

Sorry, Ms. Goldberg. I agree with “the way we see things,” if that means believing that 13-year-old girls are too young to be able to give consent to grown men.

Trump Jr. was beyond justified in his defense of his children. Goldberg deserved to be admonished for her rampant attack of anyone related to Trump, and for trying to pass it off as an anti-sexual assault sentiment.  Kudos to Trump Jr. for taking her down a peg or two.

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